25 January 2009

Fix Nuffnang Error


hey guys..
have u seen this error dalam blog anda masa mula2x nak letak nuffnang..??
Dont worry..it is because you guys didn't set your blog yet..
how to sets?? its simple dear...

  • Login to your Nuffnang account
  • Klik to the Blog Manager
  • If you can't see the Blog Manager.
  • Please click at Click here for more menu items»
  • Add your blog

  • Then anda di minta utk menjawab survey yg di sediakan oleh Nufnang..
  • After answered all the survey..Baru lah boleh letak Iklan Nuffnang into your blog
  • Klik pada Add Ad

  • Pada Page Add Ad anda akan di berikan code2x utk Nuffnang Ads
  • I will not elaborate more sbb Nuffnang ada bagi tuts on how to put the ads into your blog.
  • I will direct you to Nuffnang Tuts >>click here<< (only for Blogspot)
**Really hope this tuts will help the really newbies..:ascii: mood::bunny1: Munirah Abd's Facebook profile

1 comment:

  1. kak yanie masa mula2 nak pasang nuffnang nih...
    pening kepala gak..



    ♥Yanie Putrajaya♥


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