31 December 2007

bye 2007!

first class today..emm..so far ok la.. first class was Strategic Information System..this class will be teach by PM Shahadan. Huh..kelas dia so weird..ada coupon lak!! end of this semester submit coupon yg kita dapat..alahai...sgt pelik..xpernah org buat pun..he said he need participated from student in his class..coz of dat dia buat mcm tu..pufff...so wutever lah PM.. asalkan tak kedekut mark!!!

2nd class! meet again our data struct lecturer which oso my supervisor for final project!! En.Sanusi.He will teach us Distributed Application Development..it was JAVA! JAVA ok..!!! He said in his class if nak master must know how to read API!!!huh..1st class dah blur what is API!!!eee..so sengalll la today!! still in holiday mood ok!!! n oso byk lupa la.. =) need to revise blk!!

today oso meet En.Sanusi discuss about topic yg nak buat for PSM..actually nak buat tajuk lain..then he's not interested with my topic..n then i decide to build maintenance system..but dunno what to maintain!!!! thanks En.Sanusi he ask me to build "Maintenance System for UTeM Computer Centre " erk..dah decide...so,belasah je la!! just do it!!! n do with confident!!
go Munirah....gooooooooo Munirah =((=

ok diz wish list it's cont'd from previous post..
  • master in Java Language
  • first class honours.
  • A for my final year project.
  • good health for everybody in the family.
  • vacation with family and hanif
  • gain weight??
  • new pc.
  • a nice wedges.
  • a nice handbag
  • new handphone from sony E.
  • new mp3 from sony.
  • new digi cam.
  • new sport shoes.
  • errr...shopping less!! can huh??
  • world peace.no war
till then....Happy New Year 2008!!!
good bye 2007..welcome 2008
Peace =)

28 December 2007

new semester??

Haiyak...sgt malas mahu balik melaka..
got 2 days more..ahad will be there!!!
cant imagine diz sem will be kelam kabut+serabut=kebut; *sigh
=( huarghhhh hate to be there..
but i have 2..fuhhhh..only one sem Munirah...
diz sem need to work hard babe!!! score more n more!!!

wish list for new semester!!
  • No play2x
  • pointer kasi up!!
  • get an A for mi PSM
  • sleep less,study more!!
  • hangout less,study more!!
  • focus..focus n more focus
*wish list to be cont'd =)

26 December 2007


I received phone call from ibu diz evening.Her voice sound so sad. I feel x tenang when heard her voice. Ibu said,dia kat Kuala Lumpur Hospital.Errrr...pelik..buat apa?? sapa sakit?? It was Faiz!! Dia dlm operation room when ibu call..OMG!! Ibu ckp..Faiz jatuh kat Balai Raya[Pusat Mangsa2x Banjir] Oh...poor them...dah la banjir..now Faiz plak sakit..Hope everything will be ok.. N really hope after diz Faiz dah xnakal mcm dulu.. N get well soon mi dear.. Kak Mun sayang sgt kat Paizz..Cepat sembuh ye dik.. =(

*ibu & family is mi family angkat for baksis programme.Mereka sgt baik!!!

20 December 2007

Eid ul Mubarak

To all muslim..
happy eid ul mubarak..
may all the blessings of ALLAH fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always !

18 December 2007

hanif please

Free Graphics

wish could be there to fluff up ur pillow
read u a book
make u some tea
I'd pamper u
'til u feel better
'cause u r so special to me
i mishh sooo
feel better soon mi dearest hanif!!!!

17 December 2007


feeling so sengal..
aiyak...my teeth!!
i met my ortho today!!
changed the old appliance to da new one..
grrr...every changers mesti sengal my teeth!!
hate da new appliance..cause x suka dawai atas.. seem like gold color!!
eeee...not nice la...the rubbers was grey color then dawai gold..
eeeeee...not nice!!!
appliance bawah ok je..but appliance atas!! grrr..grr..

16 December 2007

Congratulations Zakiah & Helmi

good day!!
congratulation to my lovely cousin zakiah n her hubby..
wish both of u all the best for da' new life!!
be a gud wife n gud hubby =p
n hurry make baby k ;) *wink*
cant wait to be auntie lorrr =)

zakiah & helmi
-newly wed-

14 December 2007

calm & happy

i feel so calm and happy now..

**finished read Harry Potter 7 (duration=5 month)*good*
**'ve format my 'kelam kabut' laptop with a lot of virus *sigh*
**my darlings (alang & adik) their going home today *flirty*
**i think i got topic for mi final project but xdecide lagi duhhhh.. *complicated*

13 December 2007

Trade in

I've trade in my car from Mini Cooper to Cadillac Escalade beb!
don't be jealous!!!

Haiya actually its an application(Speed Racer) in Facebook la..

mi old Mini Cooper *wink*

mi new Cadillac Escalade *wink-wink*

*syoknya kalau betul!!

12 December 2007


This song make me more confident..not afraid..brave..brave..Girl power!!

It's a new day, new day, and it's evident
You must have been heaven-sent
Sometimes we should be hesitant, but I'm not at all
Just feelin more confident
Just using my common sense
Just trust in it, I'm lovin it

I can't refuse an offer so benevolent
Can't assume he's gon' use me
And after he'll never call again
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid
This is your day, this is your day

It's time to be brave
Say I'm not afraid, not anymore
I used to be cold, now the temperature's changed
It just ain't the same
I'm not afraid, i'm not afraid
Cus I've become brave
As the light of day straight into a cave
To show me the way, that I might be saved
Now I'm turning the page
Thanks to the power of love I can love
Because I am brave

I am brave, I am brave

I heard him say this thing moving too fast for him
It's a feelin I was straddeling
Foolishly adamant, but It's all in his eyes
Really wish he would let me in
Cus the same way I'm scared of him
I'm scared of being hurt again

It's time to let go, let go of your heart
It's time for a brand new start
Never know, we might never part
Baby don't be afraid, don't be afraid
This is your day, this is your day


I wouldn't take back anything that I've gone through (no)
I pray for strength for anything that I'm gonna do
Whether joy, or it's pain, I'm still okay (I, I'm still okay)
I'm a be alright cause I'm not afraid
No, I am brave (brave)


I am brave

08 December 2007


Last nite I had dinner wif mi relatives.. We had a great time.. eat togather.. sgt kecoh.. thanks to paksu for 'belanja' us! really enjoy n 'kenyang' last nite..hope after diz we can have dinner again!!

wif my girls n the 2 heroes!!

Redha..Handsome Baby

Haiya..Im still blur! Dont have any idea for my final year project!!
Guys!! help me please!!!..
Those who had suggest me before i really appreciate it...tp topic yg korunk suggest mmg sgt gempaq!! but Im afraid I cant make it..
Still searching..n searching.. [sigh]

02 December 2007

Kak Syida's wedding

Congratulation kak Syida for ur wedding wif handsome man abang Hakimi..Semoga berbahgia hingga anak cucu..amin~~poor me xdpt tgk kak syida bersanding...actually motif utama nak tgk kak syida bersanding..but can't..Halim n Dina nak hurry..so ikut je la...sedihnnyaaaaaa...
Syira..nanti upload gambar kak syida bersanding k!!! =) N next you Syira!!then aku follow!! =)

more pictures

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