31 December 2007

bye 2007!

first class today..emm..so far ok la.. first class was Strategic Information System..this class will be teach by PM Shahadan. Huh..kelas dia so weird..ada coupon lak!! end of this semester submit coupon yg kita dapat..alahai...sgt pelik..xpernah org buat pun..he said he need participated from student in his class..coz of dat dia buat mcm tu..pufff...so wutever lah PM.. asalkan tak kedekut mark!!!

2nd class! meet again our data struct lecturer which oso my supervisor for final project!! En.Sanusi.He will teach us Distributed Application Development..it was JAVA! JAVA ok..!!! He said in his class if nak master must know how to read API!!!huh..1st class dah blur what is API!!!eee..so sengalll la today!! still in holiday mood ok!!! n oso byk lupa la.. =) need to revise blk!!

today oso meet En.Sanusi discuss about topic yg nak buat for PSM..actually nak buat tajuk lain..then he's not interested with my topic..n then i decide to build maintenance system..but dunno what to maintain!!!! thanks En.Sanusi he ask me to build "Maintenance System for UTeM Computer Centre " erk..dah decide...so,belasah je la!! just do it!!! n do with confident!!
go Munirah....gooooooooo Munirah =((=

ok diz wish list it's cont'd from previous post..
  • master in Java Language
  • first class honours.
  • A for my final year project.
  • good health for everybody in the family.
  • vacation with family and hanif
  • gain weight??
  • new pc.
  • a nice wedges.
  • a nice handbag
  • new handphone from sony E.
  • new mp3 from sony.
  • new digi cam.
  • new sport shoes.
  • errr...shopping less!! can huh??
  • world peace.no war
till then....Happy New Year 2008!!!
good bye 2007..welcome 2008
Peace =)

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