03 January 2008


old topic: UTeM Computer Centre Maintenance System

new topic:SMKTD Events Calendar System

hahaha..I've change my topic for PSM.
tomorrow submit the proposal.
dunno la accept or not tajuk tu..
hopefully accept..
topic lama tu bukan tak interested cuma..kurang minat la nak buat..
feel like mcm tak enjoy bila buat..
so i've decided change my topic..
and really hope that En.Sanusi will approved it!!! amin~~

diz sem UTeM made the changers.
Changersnya taraaaaa...
before entering class we need to swap our matric card..
swap kat device yg ada depan class!!
wah so canggih now UTeM..[sound like 'batak'] hahahha
after diz if nak ponteng just bagi je matric card kat class mates & swap it!!
wahhhahahahha..so kejam!!


  1. aku suka java (betulkah apa yg aku ckp!!)

  2. hi dear, goodluck n all the best on new system.. i know u can do it.. erm..canggih2 gk, tp jgn la ambik ksmpatan dgn memonteng klas. xelok la.. huhuhu.. by the way miss u so much my dear..


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