29 February 2008

MyMiniLife:Part 1

just finished print out all the notes for entrepreneur!!
hahaha gila kejam...diz sunday exam..baru print out all notes!!
xtau nak baca apa ok!! ntah apa-apa je subject ni!!
still blur n xsuka ok!! tp kena gak blaja!! =p

hippie...just now i got free topup from Maxis!!
super happy!! RM20 ok!! Thanks MAXIS!!!
I asked mi maktih dpt ke x RM20..she said YES!!
ngeh2x...actually both of us masuk contest MAXIS!!
so as appreciating to us la masuk contest tu then dpt free top up!!

check out my minihouse!!
fully lengkap but not too lengkap la..coz no CAR!!
still saving da money utk beli car!!
=) fully dedicated this house to HANIF!!!
U!! ok x our house!! ngeh2x =p

Title : Family House of JOY

My love Hanif!!!
Good Luck for tomorrow tournament!!!

miss the past memory!!

80'an babies!! Read this!!
  • kat skola ade salesman jual buku cerita. ari ni bg list, esok mintak duitbeli walaupun cerita buku tu dah tau.salesman susu pon camtu gak.
  • kat library, budak2 mmg baca buku tp just tengok gamba je. bile ade program Nilam, sebok semua nak pinjam buku.
  • RMT kat skola mkn x best, tp yg berduit pon join RMT, x phm...
  • pakai pensel box yg bole bukak dpn blkg, pastu ade sharpener kat tgh2 die.
  • main lwn pemadam, syg nak guna utk padam. padahal itu fungsi sbnr, utk padam!
  • pakai pembaris yg bergerigi, kat dlm ade air pastu ade bende berkilat dlm air tu.
  • cikgu pakai pembaris kuning pjg. Ade pemegang kat tgh2 tp x penah nmpk cikgu
    pgg pon kat situ.
  • bulu ayam jd ramping krn sering dijadikan rotan.
  • time pendidikan seni, lukis sume boleh tp bile time kaler sume hampeh. ade gak
    buat anyaman pakai kertas warna, kolajla, ape la...
  • main game 2D. super contra, super mario, street fighter, sume pakai tape.
  • jam tgn Boy London jd idaman, sbb boletuka2 kaler ikut suhu n cuaca.
  • takut BCG tp lepas inject poyo la pulak...
  • balik skola beli JoJo xpon Dendang.Tora pon best gak. Beli se mata2 nak
    mainan, coklat die x mkn pon.
  • Kasut berlampu kat tapak, yg iklan die kat tV bole tembak alien tu...
  • Siri kartun; power rangers, ultraman,transformers, ninja turtles, Thundercats, maskman, Gaban dan mcm lg.
uwawwawwa..i really miss my school day yg sgt best gilerr!! Especially primary school SK Sri Langat. Me sooo noty masa sekolah!!!! Besides,sgt aktif ok!! Sampai ada ustad ckp sy busy mcm PERDANA MENTERI!!! hahahahha..

Rindu juga ngan secondary school!! SMK Telok Datok in memories!! 3A best!!!! Em...SMT Muadzam Shah.. dunno y xsuka sgt!! hehehe =p

*credit to Hanif and Ilyas for the same message!! hahaha

BITS Photoshoot

one more paper left!!!
hahahaha....paper entrepreneur..hentam lah labu!!!
smalam ada photoshoot for my class!!

hahahha posing time!! i like ok!!!
love to pose!! hahah gedik!!

anyway best2x dapat pose..especially when using Razif camera!!
lens baru beli so dia nak test ke poweran dia la tu!!

Razif!! Great job arrr!!! So sesapa yg nak upah Razif ni..
boleh lah contact2x dia..price can be discuss later!! (he said!!)
Wei nanti2x ak sambar dslr p shoot sama2x k!!
Ajar ak cari angle baikk punya!! ngeh2x =p
Below some of hasil kerja Razif..N Me oso ada edit one of the pic!! yg mana??
ngeh2x tekalah!!!!

man of BITS!!! pupus??


*credit to Razif for the gorgeous pictures!!

24 February 2008

Happy Birthday Dar-Link!!

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We've had our arguments
Over the years
And some of them
Brought me to tears

But more important
Are the good times we've shared
The things you've done
To show me you care

Yes, we have arguments now and then
But our love endures through them all
And most of them I can't even recall

But all the good times we shared
Are buried deep within in my heart
Loving memories dear to me
Memories from which I'll never part

I love you dearly
This you already know
Our love is true
And daily it continues to grow

Happy Birthday My Love
Muhammad Hanif Abd Nasir

23 February 2008


zwani.com myspace graphic comments

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly,& lie about your age.
Happy Birthday to you!!
Age?? Cannot be mentioned la.. tp sapa kenal Syasya sure tau!! =P
all the best in everything u do ok!!
hope ko dapat la g INDIA!!!=)

Hippie!!! Hanif is going to Malacca today!!!
super happpy!!!

tpkan...i've no idea nak bawak Hanif round2x Malacca ni!! *blur
Hurmm..maybe buat marathon tgk movie!!
Hahahahha...serius no idea ok!!
since me xtau jalan Malacca ni!!! =p
everytime hang out org bwk kan..
so me just sit back n relax...tau2x je dah sampai destinasi!!

mood for now : happy...super happy =)
mood for next week : moody+tension =(

21 February 2008

Blythe Dolls

Blythe doll sememangnya doll yg comel..
but for me ada sumting wrong wif their eyes!!
Sgt menakutkan OK!!
Their eyes seem want sympathy from us!!

N oso tadi saja2x je la google price for this dolls kat market Malaysia..
Guess brapa rengget??
Around RM300 n ABOVE!! mak ai!!
Me xde lah kut nak beli benda alah ni!!
Mata da la agak scarry!!

So sesapa yg suka doll di persilakan mengumpulnya..
N manalah tau boleh bawak diorang pegi fashion show kat Hong Kong!!
Hahahaha doll pun ada fashion show ok!!!
No wonder bila amek picture..They seem ALIVE ok!!! =P

Blythe doll oso me rase dah jadi trademark for group BONECA
hehehe..BONECA said they all not a band..
Tp lagu diorang not bad la...
Thanks to pu3 sbb dia yg mentioned about BONECA!!!

So guys...perhatikan mata mereka and oso their pose!!!

18 February 2008

Mid Term Exam

Next week= my mid term week!!!
huh pack ok!! but not too pack..but still pack la!!!

Here the schedule for BITS only!!..

Monday [25.Feb.2008]
11.00am-1.00pm = Strategic Information System
2.00pm-4.00pm = Distributed Application Development

8.00pm-10.00pm = Artificial Intelligent System

9.00am-11.00am =Entrepreneurship Skills and New Business

Huh..sunday pun exam..eeee sengal2x
Anyway to all BITS students Good Luck OK!!!
Do all da' best *wink

Attn Hanif : After this jgn tanya2x lagi OK!! Kalau blh u print out benda ni tau =p

17 February 2008


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i know today were not a friendship day!!
today post is tribute to Syira. today oso is not her birthday!!
she is my BBF!! =)
feel like nak wat tribute for her..
we know each other since secondary school (SMKTD rocks!!)
tp close since form 3.. =) sbb satu kelas!!!! 3A forever..

Syira..here poem for you!!
tp bukan handmade la..search by google.. ngeh2x
im not a gud poem writer like you la...
but im a gud finder!! =p

This is for you, my best friend,
the one person i can tell my soul too
Who can relate to me like no other
Who I can laugh with to no extents,
Who I can cry too when times are tough,
Who can help me with the problems of my life.
Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me I wasnt good enough
Or let me down
I don't think you know what that means to me
You have went through so much pain and you still have time
For me.
And I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying
And I look up too you because you are strong,
and caring
and beautiful.
Even though you don't think you are.
And I hope you know that I am always here
To listen to you laugh and cry and help
In all the ways that i can
And I will try to be at least half the friend you are
To me.
I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, with out you.
My best friend.
thanks for being my true friend dear!!!

16 February 2008

Love Vs Like

Never leave the one you LOVE
for the one you LIKE

because the one you LIKE will leave you
for the one they LOVE

the one you LIKE will give you goosebumps;
the one you LOVE will make you laugh and send shivers down your spine.

When the one you LIKE cries, you feel sorry for them;
but when the one you LOVE cries, you cry for them.

True Love Doesnt Have A Happy Ending
BECAUSE True LOVE Never Ends

*this post will be credit to Zarim aka Dato' Mude =)
*thanks huh for the message..

**to Abg Ayie!!

Congrats for the new job!!!
I'm happy for ya!!
Ngeh2x...blh minta blanja kan!!!!

14 February 2008


pernah dgr pasal botfly??

before this never heard about it...

then pu3 showed me a video from youtube.

Its about botfly!!!!

erk..sgt geli ok!!!

just take a look la video ni!!

this is botfly look alike

12 February 2008


yeahhh.. feel sgt lega

done my AI lab test..


next need to prepare for mid term lak..

I have no idea wut happen to my psm..
Still in progress designing the interface..
Chapter 2 and so on... ?? still pending OK!!!

10 February 2008


at malacca now!!!

feel sgt KEMALASAN!!!

nak tido!! nak rest!!

but byk keje xsiap lagi!!!


eeee...sengal ada pimples plak..
sakit la ada benda alah ni...
hate it!!!


sekian terima kasih!!!

*am i ok??

09 February 2008

too short

eee... y term break only 1 week!!!
xpuas stay at home ok!!!
tomorrow dah kena balik malacca!! =(

i need more rest!!!

yes i do still need more rest!!

uwarghhhh...next tuesday got lab test for AI

mcm mana ni???

hentam?? cannot!! its PROLOG Language ok!!!

calm down...i know i can do it..
(erghhhh sdp hati punya pasal!)

08 February 2008

sayang umi

Seorang anak mendapatkan ibunya yang sedang sibuk menyediakan makan malam di dapur lalu menghulurkan sekeping kertas yang bertulis sesuatu. Si ibu segera mengesatkan tangan di apron menyambut kertas yang dihulurkan oleh si anak lalu membacanya. Kos upah membantu ibu:
1) Tolong pergi kedai : RM4.00
2) Tolong jaga adik : RM4.00
3) Tolong buang sampah : RM1.00
4) Tolong kemas bilik : RM2.00
5) Tolong siram bunga : RM3.00
6) Tolong sapu sampah : RM3.00
Jumlah : RM17.00

Selesai membaca, si ibu tersenyum memandang si anak sambil sesuatu berlegar-legar si mindanya. Si ibu mencapai sebatang pen dan menulis sesuatu di belakang kertas yang sama.

1) Kos mengandungkanmu selama 9 bulan -PERCUMA
2) Kos berjaga malam kerana menjagamu -PERCUMA
3) Kos air mata yang menitis keranamu -PERCUMA
4) Kos kerunsingan kerana bimbangkanmu -PERCUMA
5) Kos menyediakan makan minum, pakaian,dan keperluanmu -PERCUMA
Jumlah Keseluruhan Nilai Kasihku -PERCUMA

Air mata si anak berlinang setelah membaca apa yang dituliskan oleh si ibu. Si anak menatap wajah ibu,memeluknya dan berkata, "Saya Sayangkan Ibu". Kemudian si anak mengambil pen dan menulis "Telah Dibayar" pada mukasurat yang sama ditulisnya.

credit to : angah for this article

Saya sayang umi saya!!!!

07 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

to all my chinese friends!!!!

Gong xi fa cai !
Kung hsi fa tsai !
Best wishes for health and prosperity!
Have a good year!

06 February 2008


erk..sengalnya kena buat benda alah ini... Ni Rajaie la ni.. xpela..member2x punya pasal..tagged pun tagged la..
The Rules
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 facts about me:

1.of coz love shopping soooo much!!! tp bila dah broke, akan terjadilah hyper tension!! but sumtime je.. me only shopping bila ada sale je tau!!!

2. love modified coding..even tak betul pun or wrong technique pun hentam je..

3. love tido too!!! if xbyk keje n kepala xrungsing saya mmg suka tido!!..if kepala serabut pk byk keje tido ku tidak lena!!

4. quite fussy dlm makanan!! maybe sbb tu kurus kut!!! =)
5. sgt manja dgn ayah!!! dgn umi pun manja juga!!! =p

6. sgt sayang pada hanif..(gila getek aku ni!!)

7. suka buat hal sendiri..erk..??

8. nak citer apa lagi ni?? life aku simple..itu je la kut..sekian terima kasih!!
next tagged..sorry la erk..buat je lah suka2x sapa yg terkena ni... ngeh2x

1. Hanif
2. Masturah
3. Syira
4. Aina Jeffery
5. Firdausa
6. Faiz Jr.
7. Ajeed
8. korg2 sume yg membaca, sila wat!!! (tiru Rajaie)

05 February 2008


remember mi previous post i mentioned i miss redha so much!!!
hippiee..i met him last Sunday.. He came to mi house wif his family..
huaaaaa...redha sudah besar!! but still cant walk.. =)


last sunday oso hv fun melayan kerenah Danial and Udin ( abang2x redha)
their growing up and so intelligent now!!
hehehe sampai solat asar dikatakan solat zuhur!! =)
sooooo happy meeting them!!

Danial the sponge bob and Udin the ultraman!!

yeah finally yesterday hang out wif Syira..
at first dunno nak hang out mana..
then Syira decided lepak2x kat AEON Bukit Tinggi
hehehe lepak kah KAMI??
no..no..no..if have money no istilah lepak in our life!!
hahahah....babe of coz shopping if dah nampak sale merata!!
n oso mmg dah planning nak shopping togather!!
wahhh...im having fun shopping wif u, Syira!!

kami shopping sampai lupa lunch!!
=) sgt hebat...n xsedar dah pukul 6!!
happy..super happy la yesterday!!!!

forget to mention.. I met Azlina and Nini at Padini Concept Store
hehehe..mereka kata saya semakin kurus!!
=( saya mahu besarkan badan saya sikit..
i've ate a lot ok!!

Syira and me
having lunch+tea at Kenny Rogers

haiya..feel exhausted sgt2x!!!

erk...shopping with Syira=done!!
shopping with siblings= ???
hehehe not yet..so can shopping again??
seriously promise after this no more k..
mmm..accept beli present for Hanif.. =p

02 February 2008


i'm home..YIPPIE
i'm sooo happy i'm home..
heheh sapa2x pun will feel happy bila dapat balik rumah tercinta!!!
actually smlm dah sampai rumah..ngeh2x
so happy dpt jumpa my hanif yesterday!!!!
hang out wif him..huarghhh i think about 1 month xjumpa hanif!!=)
so super happy dapat jumpa hanif n going home!!

eee..my eyes sgt huduh!!
sgt lebam kat bwh mata!!

=( start missing him

tower of ABC

di hancurkan oleh kami yg sgt lapar!!!

mmm..today going out wif alang..
first g MCS College for asking da interview confirmation...
huh bila pegi Miss Devi P.A Mr.Ravi takde pulak..
ee..sengal betul la..ni smua pasal entrepenuership la ni!!
betul2x make me hyper bengang!!
This monday will make phone call ask again bout da' interview!!

then g survey price DDR2 Ram 1GB for my notebook..
n bought new pant!! hehehe =)
syok2x shopping ayah sms me..
"Balik cepat pukul 2 ayah ada meeting!! nak guna kete"
ala......spoil la..
huhuh..balik hantar kereta then follow ayah kluar balik!! ahahah..
sbb mission dengan alang yang sebenar belum lagi berhasil!

ayah drop by us kat computer shop..
Yeah..dah upgrade Ram to 2GB for RM155
murah x?? ke mahal??
hahaha tadi tanya price 1GB je..tp beli 2GB!!
ngeh2x my baby now 2GB ok!!

then,g salon fwen of umi's hehe..
yeahh diz is actually our mission!!cutting our hair!!
asked auntie for cutting my hair like farah Spa Q!!
hahah..gila terpengaruh ngan citer Spa Q..
yeah i got new haircut dowh!!

lepas cutting our hair..next mission is meet the optometrist!!
alang check her eyes..she's planning to wear contact lense..
bila dah check xjadi plak..huhuh..
now she's trying to pujuk ayah utk buat spec baru!! =)
me oso check my eyes since doc kat mlk asked me to check it..
the result..eeeeeee..sengal la..remember when i check my eyes kat malacca they said my power dah turun!! penipu!!! sebenarnya tak ok!!..
my power still da same!! xde yg berubah!!
buktinya optometrist yg aku pegi ni ada my rekod yg lepas2x..!!
eee...nyesal gila buat kat AXXIS!!
dah la kata my power dah turun...bukannya reduce tp tambahkan lagi power!! eeeeee...sengal!!
seriusly after this nak buat spec and check mata g kat Banting je..huh..bengang tol!!

sgt byk keje diz holiday!!!
i need rest for this holiday..but cant!!
this semester really make me stress!!
so i do need my theraphy!! heheh..SHOPPING!!
no..no..no..dah byk shopping!!
aiyakk but still stress la!!
can huh?? shopping??
i promise i will stop after hang out with my siblings and Syira!!

to Syira: bilanya kita nak kuar ni..aku dah cuti!!

Hello 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys; This year my double H started going to school!! Tadika la of course.. haha.. So we decided to send them to Ta...