29 February 2008

MyMiniLife:Part 1

just finished print out all the notes for entrepreneur!!
hahaha gila kejam...diz sunday exam..baru print out all notes!!
xtau nak baca apa ok!! ntah apa-apa je subject ni!!
still blur n xsuka ok!! tp kena gak blaja!! =p

hippie...just now i got free topup from Maxis!!
super happy!! RM20 ok!! Thanks MAXIS!!!
I asked mi maktih dpt ke x RM20..she said YES!!
ngeh2x...actually both of us masuk contest MAXIS!!
so as appreciating to us la masuk contest tu then dpt free top up!!

check out my minihouse!!
fully lengkap but not too lengkap la..coz no CAR!!
still saving da money utk beli car!!
=) fully dedicated this house to HANIF!!!
U!! ok x our house!! ngeh2x =p

Title : Family House of JOY

My love Hanif!!!
Good Luck for tomorrow tournament!!!

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