29 February 2008

BITS Photoshoot

one more paper left!!!
hahahaha....paper entrepreneur..hentam lah labu!!!
smalam ada photoshoot for my class!!

hahahha posing time!! i like ok!!!
love to pose!! hahah gedik!!

anyway best2x dapat pose..especially when using Razif camera!!
lens baru beli so dia nak test ke poweran dia la tu!!

Razif!! Great job arrr!!! So sesapa yg nak upah Razif ni..
boleh lah contact2x dia..price can be discuss later!! (he said!!)
Wei nanti2x ak sambar dslr p shoot sama2x k!!
Ajar ak cari angle baikk punya!! ngeh2x =p
Below some of hasil kerja Razif..N Me oso ada edit one of the pic!! yg mana??
ngeh2x tekalah!!!!

man of BITS!!! pupus??


*credit to Razif for the gorgeous pictures!!


  1. erm..u always like dat.. pntang jmpa msti nk posing.. huhu..
    nice picses of talent ur fren has.. erm..nice pictures. n u look so hepi in the pics. huhu..

  2. yuhuuu!! kena promo kaw-kaw punya. hehe

  3. hanif: ehehhe i love pose!!

    razifmustapha: dah promote discount ni...discount mari!! xpun free utk aku!!


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