24 February 2008

Happy Birthday Dar-Link!!

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We've had our arguments
Over the years
And some of them
Brought me to tears

But more important
Are the good times we've shared
The things you've done
To show me you care

Yes, we have arguments now and then
But our love endures through them all
And most of them I can't even recall

But all the good times we shared
Are buried deep within in my heart
Loving memories dear to me
Memories from which I'll never part

I love you dearly
This you already know
Our love is true
And daily it continues to grow

Happy Birthday My Love
Muhammad Hanif Abd Nasir


  1. tq my sweety.. i really love u.. n i'm starting 2 miss u.. tq 4 da lovely weekend n spending ur time wif me on my besday even u're in exam mood.. i really appriciate it. i sayang u..


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