31 December 2007

bye 2007!

first class today..emm..so far ok la.. first class was Strategic Information System..this class will be teach by PM Shahadan. Huh..kelas dia so weird..ada coupon lak!! end of this semester submit coupon yg kita dapat..alahai...sgt pelik..xpernah org buat pun..he said he need participated from student in his class..coz of dat dia buat mcm tu..pufff...so wutever lah PM.. asalkan tak kedekut mark!!!

2nd class! meet again our data struct lecturer which oso my supervisor for final project!! En.Sanusi.He will teach us Distributed Application Development..it was JAVA! JAVA ok..!!! He said in his class if nak master must know how to read API!!!huh..1st class dah blur what is API!!!eee..so sengalll la today!! still in holiday mood ok!!! n oso byk lupa la.. =) need to revise blk!!

today oso meet En.Sanusi discuss about topic yg nak buat for PSM..actually nak buat tajuk lain..then he's not interested with my topic..n then i decide to build maintenance system..but dunno what to maintain!!!! thanks En.Sanusi he ask me to build "Maintenance System for UTeM Computer Centre " erk..dah decide...so,belasah je la!! just do it!!! n do with confident!!
go Munirah....gooooooooo Munirah =((=

ok diz wish list it's cont'd from previous post..
  • master in Java Language
  • first class honours.
  • A for my final year project.
  • good health for everybody in the family.
  • vacation with family and hanif
  • gain weight??
  • new pc.
  • a nice wedges.
  • a nice handbag
  • new handphone from sony E.
  • new mp3 from sony.
  • new digi cam.
  • new sport shoes.
  • errr...shopping less!! can huh??
  • world peace.no war
till then....Happy New Year 2008!!!
good bye 2007..welcome 2008
Peace =)

28 December 2007

new semester??

Haiyak...sgt malas mahu balik melaka..
got 2 days more..ahad will be there!!!
cant imagine diz sem will be kelam kabut+serabut=kebut; *sigh
=( huarghhhh hate to be there..
but i have 2..fuhhhh..only one sem Munirah...
diz sem need to work hard babe!!! score more n more!!!

wish list for new semester!!
  • No play2x
  • pointer kasi up!!
  • get an A for mi PSM
  • sleep less,study more!!
  • hangout less,study more!!
  • focus..focus n more focus
*wish list to be cont'd =)

26 December 2007


I received phone call from ibu diz evening.Her voice sound so sad. I feel x tenang when heard her voice. Ibu said,dia kat Kuala Lumpur Hospital.Errrr...pelik..buat apa?? sapa sakit?? It was Faiz!! Dia dlm operation room when ibu call..OMG!! Ibu ckp..Faiz jatuh kat Balai Raya[Pusat Mangsa2x Banjir] Oh...poor them...dah la banjir..now Faiz plak sakit..Hope everything will be ok.. N really hope after diz Faiz dah xnakal mcm dulu.. N get well soon mi dear.. Kak Mun sayang sgt kat Paizz..Cepat sembuh ye dik.. =(

*ibu & family is mi family angkat for baksis programme.Mereka sgt baik!!!

20 December 2007

Eid ul Mubarak

To all muslim..
happy eid ul mubarak..
may all the blessings of ALLAH fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always !

18 December 2007

hanif please

Free Graphics

wish could be there to fluff up ur pillow
read u a book
make u some tea
I'd pamper u
'til u feel better
'cause u r so special to me
i mishh sooo
feel better soon mi dearest hanif!!!!

17 December 2007


feeling so sengal..
aiyak...my teeth!!
i met my ortho today!!
changed the old appliance to da new one..
grrr...every changers mesti sengal my teeth!!
hate da new appliance..cause x suka dawai atas.. seem like gold color!!
eeee...not nice la...the rubbers was grey color then dawai gold..
eeeeee...not nice!!!
appliance bawah ok je..but appliance atas!! grrr..grr..

16 December 2007

Congratulations Zakiah & Helmi

good day!!
congratulation to my lovely cousin zakiah n her hubby..
wish both of u all the best for da' new life!!
be a gud wife n gud hubby =p
n hurry make baby k ;) *wink*
cant wait to be auntie lorrr =)

zakiah & helmi
-newly wed-

14 December 2007

calm & happy

i feel so calm and happy now..

**finished read Harry Potter 7 (duration=5 month)*good*
**'ve format my 'kelam kabut' laptop with a lot of virus *sigh*
**my darlings (alang & adik) their going home today *flirty*
**i think i got topic for mi final project but xdecide lagi duhhhh.. *complicated*

13 December 2007

Trade in

I've trade in my car from Mini Cooper to Cadillac Escalade beb!
don't be jealous!!!

Haiya actually its an application(Speed Racer) in Facebook la..

mi old Mini Cooper *wink*

mi new Cadillac Escalade *wink-wink*

*syoknya kalau betul!!

12 December 2007


This song make me more confident..not afraid..brave..brave..Girl power!!

It's a new day, new day, and it's evident
You must have been heaven-sent
Sometimes we should be hesitant, but I'm not at all
Just feelin more confident
Just using my common sense
Just trust in it, I'm lovin it

I can't refuse an offer so benevolent
Can't assume he's gon' use me
And after he'll never call again
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid
This is your day, this is your day

It's time to be brave
Say I'm not afraid, not anymore
I used to be cold, now the temperature's changed
It just ain't the same
I'm not afraid, i'm not afraid
Cus I've become brave
As the light of day straight into a cave
To show me the way, that I might be saved
Now I'm turning the page
Thanks to the power of love I can love
Because I am brave

I am brave, I am brave

I heard him say this thing moving too fast for him
It's a feelin I was straddeling
Foolishly adamant, but It's all in his eyes
Really wish he would let me in
Cus the same way I'm scared of him
I'm scared of being hurt again

It's time to let go, let go of your heart
It's time for a brand new start
Never know, we might never part
Baby don't be afraid, don't be afraid
This is your day, this is your day


I wouldn't take back anything that I've gone through (no)
I pray for strength for anything that I'm gonna do
Whether joy, or it's pain, I'm still okay (I, I'm still okay)
I'm a be alright cause I'm not afraid
No, I am brave (brave)


I am brave

08 December 2007


Last nite I had dinner wif mi relatives.. We had a great time.. eat togather.. sgt kecoh.. thanks to paksu for 'belanja' us! really enjoy n 'kenyang' last nite..hope after diz we can have dinner again!!

wif my girls n the 2 heroes!!

Redha..Handsome Baby

Haiya..Im still blur! Dont have any idea for my final year project!!
Guys!! help me please!!!..
Those who had suggest me before i really appreciate it...tp topic yg korunk suggest mmg sgt gempaq!! but Im afraid I cant make it..
Still searching..n searching.. [sigh]

02 December 2007

Kak Syida's wedding

Congratulation kak Syida for ur wedding wif handsome man abang Hakimi..Semoga berbahgia hingga anak cucu..amin~~poor me xdpt tgk kak syida bersanding...actually motif utama nak tgk kak syida bersanding..but can't..Halim n Dina nak hurry..so ikut je la...sedihnnyaaaaaa...
Syira..nanti upload gambar kak syida bersanding k!!! =) N next you Syira!!then aku follow!! =)

more pictures

29 November 2007

Reason why never visit a 5 star hotel....

Question : "What would you like to have ..Fruit juice, Soda, Tea, Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee?"
Answer: "tea please"

Question : " Ceylon tea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Ice tea or green tea ?"
Answer : "Ceylon tea "

Question : "How would you like it ? black or white ?"
Answer: "white"

Question: "Milk, Whitener, or Condensed milk ?"
Answer: "With milk "

Question: "Goat milk, Camel milk or cow milk"
Answer: "With cow milk please.

Question: " Milk from Freeze land cow or Afrikaner cow?"
Answer: " Um, I'll take it black. "

Question: " Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?"
Answer: "With sugar"

Question: " Beet sugar or cane sugar ?"
Answer: "Cane sugar "

Question:" White , brown or yellow sugar ?"
Answer: "Forget about tea just give me a glass of water instead."

Question: "Mineral water or still water ? "
Answer: "Mineral water"

Question: "Flavored or non-flavored ?"
Answer: "I'll rather die of thirst

23 November 2007


oracle class is over!![wink]
tersangat lega!!
No need to think'Show Error',Begin....End;','Procedure...Package' and so on but all i need to think now is going back!!!!!!! xoxox

cant wait for tomorrow!!
the whole family will pick me up
[exclude Alang she need to stay at hostel coz SPM exam]
n then terus balik kampung at Johol N9..
Ayah said "rumah lama tak di tidurkan,so we need to stay for one nite"
Aiyak..sleep at opah's house.. [sigh]
I think it is about 1 year we are not stay at opah's house since she sick and stay at my house.
Only visit the house to clean it up..
Aiyak..cant imagine lot of "tahis kelawar & katak" here n there.. errrkkk.... rumah tinggal [sigh]

Hurmmm..holiday still holiday..
But i need to find out the topic for Final year project
[cant believe Im final year student!!!]
Blur la.. dunno wut to do..
Next semester kena propose topic and proposal..
Huh..anyone..help me find out the topic.. I need topic which can be relate wif management system ex: stock.
Programming language : JAVA..
Hurmm JAVA!!!
Hahaha..satu posisi yg sgt bahaya..Im not expert in JAVA..
En.Sanusi who is my supervisor asked me to use JAVA..
Its a risk..n i love to take a risk..n love to challenge myself to do new thing!!..xoxoxo..
Amin~ hope everything will be ok la time buat project tu nanti..
So guys help me find the topic.. help..help..help...

22 November 2007

The art of vegetables

I'm so impressed with it. Its look very real!! What do you think??

21 November 2007

Malaysia Future StarBucks

I've no idea where the shop is??

20 November 2007

Music and Lyrics : Part II

Have u ever watch Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Berrymore [etc]. So sweet this movie.You should watch it. Actually this movie has been released around February 2007. Haha quite a long time huh. NVM. xoxoxo

Here are some review bout this movie.

Alex Fletcher[Hugh Grant] is a washed-up '80s pop star who's been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her, but there's a problem--Alex hasn't written a song in years, he's never written lyrics, and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days. Enter Sophie Fisher[Drew Berrymore], Alex's beguilingly quirky plant lady, whose flair for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a bad relationship, Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fears--and the music--if they want to find the love and success they both deserve.
Wanna hear the song which Alex and Sophie had wrote click here

19 November 2007

Oracle PL/SQL

Finally the class begin.
we need to finish all chapter within 5 days..
Wahh...masak duk dalam class dlm tempoh masa yang agak lama!!!
For the first day experienced it is very very very challenging class for me.
Need to wake up early!!! I'm quite sleepy.Mi eyes cant open plus I had headache.
Whats that mean? Mean I cant concentrate in the class today.. All the input aren't store into mi hard disc..
Even though i had 2 partition still cant store.. blur..blur..blur...
My mind and my soul are now in mi hometown.Only body is here..
Maybe thats is the one reason why I'm not fully concentrate for this course.Miss mi home so so much..

17 November 2007


1) Lubang ape yang rasanye hangat, nikmat dan nyaman?

Answer: LUBANGun pagi2, tarik selimut pas tu tido balik.

2) Minyak ape yang disukai oleh lelaki?

Answer: MINYAKsikan pertandingan bolasepak Liga-M

3) Kuih ape yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar?

Answer: Kuih salah bikin.

4) Binatang ape power Karate?

Answer: Kuda belang.cube kira brape black belt dia ade.

5) Siape yang menemukan dompet kulit?

Answer: Yang menemukan dompet kulit tersebut tolong pulangkan kepada saye.

6) Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak?

Answer: Pintu yang ade tulis 'TARIK'

7) Saya ade 3 kepala, 4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya?

Answer: Pembohong...

8) Apa dia 'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'?

Answer: Usus

9) binatang tubuhnya kat kepala?

Answer: Kutu

10) Nenek sape jalannya meloncat-loncat?

Answer: Neneknye si katak

11) Knape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila?

Answer: Sbb lelaki ni kan 'buaya'

12) Ape beza sekretari baik ngan sekretari kurang baik?

Answer: - Sekretari baik..................'Selamat pagi tuan'

- Sekretari kurang baik...........'Dah pagi ni tuan'

13 ) Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson?

Answer: Dua-dua tak kenal korang...hehe

15) Sape yang kalau dipanggil, die menjenguk ke atas?

Answer: Tukang gali kubur

16) Nak mencari sikit punye susah, bile dah dapat buang, ape bendanya?

Answer: Tahi hidung dan Tahi telinga

17) Ape persamaan kain jemuran ngan telefon?

Answer: Dua-dua kalau dah 'kringgg' bole diangkat...

18) Knape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang?

Answer: Mestilah kene tebang, sape nak cabut pokok kelapa gile ape...

19) Gajah terbang dengan ape?

Answer: Dengan susah pa

15 November 2007

Cara Terbaru Menyebar Virus HIV

Berikut adalah artikel yang perlu diambil perhatian sekiranya anda belum membacanya... Sila baca artikel berikut mengenai orang yang HIV positif seronok menyebarkan virus HIV. Ianya pernah ke udara di dalam Televisyen Thai di mana pesakit HIV ditangkap & didakwa, tapi apa gunanya, beliau telah merosakkan ramai orang awam yang tak berdosa. Jadi sila berhati-hati... Beberapa tempat berbahaya dan kebarangkalian menemui jarum penyuntik yang telah digunakan penagih

1. Di kawasan pantai. Apabila anda berjalan di pantai sila pakai selipar atau kasut, ada penagih dadah yang melakukan aktiviti di tepi pantai danmenimbus jarum penyuntik di dalam pasir. Penyuntik ini kemudiannya terdedah akibat ombak.

2. Di kawasan permainan kanak-kanak. Satu lagi kawasan pilihan penagih.Terdapat kes di Australia di mana kanak-kanak yg tak berdosa telah tercucuk jarum penyuntik apabila beliau turun daripada papan lunsur & kemudiannya didapati HIV positif.

3. Di panggung wayang. Sila pastikan kerusi yg anda duduki. Kes yang terjadi apabila seorang perempuan duduk di kerusi beliau dan terasa sesuatu benda mencucuk. Beliau berdiri dan mendapati ada penyuntik dan nota berbunyi "Welcome to the real world, you are now HIV positive' .Doktor telah memeriksa jarum tersebut & mengesahkan ianya terdapat virus HIV. Ianya berlaku di Hawai jadi berhati-hati... .

4. Di Georgia & Florida , ada kes menunjukkan pesakit HIV meletakkan penyuntik di dalam tempat mengembalikan syiling, mesin air minuman... jadi pastikan bila anda membeli air atau kandi, perhatikan betul-betul tempat mengembalikan wang syiling... .mungkin terdapat jarum penyuntik di dalamnya.

5. Di restoran Burger King, pesakit HIV yang juga pekerjanya meletakkan sedikit darah di dalam burger & mencampurkan dengan mayonis dan salad. Ianya seperti sos. Jadi cuba jangan pesan burger dengan mayonis & sos Order di tempat lain. Ini adalah nyawa anda. Sila'foward' maklumat ini sebanyak mungkin kepada orang lain, especially orang yang anda cintai, anak anda
dan sesiapa saja...

Dr Yasmin Anum Mohd Yusof
Associate Professor & Head Dept. of Chemical Pathology
School of Medical Sciences
USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan , MALAYSIA .

::thanks Zurnie for this article..

The Seekers:The Dark Is Rising

Finally I watched diz film even though its has been release last month[thanks Effa for diz movie]..xoxo Doesn't have enough time to visit cinema coz of da tight schedule ..xoxox..hampeh jer.. Pendek citer no time,no money.. Overall da story so-so je la...Actually diz film is based from da novel and the author is Susan Cooper..Em nak comment byk2x pasal movie ni pun bukan pandai kritik pun.. For me if compared diz film with Eragon..It is much better to watch Eragon rather than diz movie..xoxox..So here are some review for this movie ..N those yg interested nak tgk movie ni check out the original cd k:
The film tells the story of Will Stanton, a young man who learns he is the last of a group of warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of the Dark. Traveling back and forth through time, Will discovers a series of clues which lead him into a showdown with forces of unimaginable power. With The Dark rising, the future of the world rests in Will’s hands.

p/s: can't wait for da next movie of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

14 November 2007

New Skin[AGAIN]!!

Again..new skin.. and plus with new tagboard... xoxox quite bored with da old one so i decided to change it..
Facebook...arghhhhh..I'm addicted with facebook...especially pirates application... Anti wif one of da pirate in the application.. Alyo Gaska.. "Huh kamoo igt kamoo sudah hebat yer!!" He's alwiz keep bullying me...Alwiz trap me wif his bomb..."Eleh baru ada 10 bomb..kerek er..."....hahaha[gelak pirate] You wait Alyo.. I will attack you!!! xoxoxoxox....

13 November 2007

Olympus 795SW

Check out this gadget.. So cool.. Olympus 795SW.. This camera can take photo underwater?? woo.. even though before this i have seen many camera with can take photo underwater but diz one i dunno why when i watched NTV7 Breakfast Show this morning and they showed this cool camera.. Seriously I fall in love with this camera.. For the pixels its 7.1 megapixels... xoxox.. Bila la nak byk duit ni..I want this camera!!!!..

12 November 2007

Final Exam Over

My final exam is over..The last paper is Web based Application.. Overall da questions is ok n quite tough especially in section C[essei] but I dont have enough time to think and oso to "goreng" da coding in section C... They only given us 2 hours to answers all da questions..but damn the given time its not suitable compare to the questions...I mean the estimations time to answer da question..They shoud give us 2hours and half(sigh)
Hurmmm..Past is past..Now just waiting for da result.."Hampeh" or not..Just wait and see..Just pray and pray...Hope my pointer will not "kebabommm" like a bomb..if "kebabommm" with flying colors..fine..but....(sigh)
Still staying at Malacca for Oracle [PL/SQL] prof.cert class.. The class will begin 19/11/07 until 23/11/07..Thanks ALLAH only 1 week..xoxoxox

09 November 2007

Music and Lyrics

Thanks Putri for giving me diz song...
After diz I will watch da movie keyh... maybe after exam.. xoxox
Anyway Happy Birthday to Putri.. 21 years old.. Happy alwiz with him..xoxo

Title:Way Back Into Love
Artist: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore

I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need em again someday
I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not just somebody just to get me throught the night
I could use some direction
And I'm open to your suggestions

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart again
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart to you
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end

06 November 2007

Class Party 2007

Today my class [3 BITS] had our class party.. Actually party tu like "Jamuan Hari Raya" xoxo.. Lama dah planning wif our PA..n today baru dapat buat...Credits to Azizah coz willing arranged majlis tu utk kitorang...Thanks to Pn.Azlianor and En.Amir coz sudi luang masa ngan kitorang.. N our special guest today is En.Suhaizan..husband Pn.Azlianor..So sweet both of them... But poor En.Suhaizan cannot eat coz fasting..So then,Pn.Azlianor "tapau" for her husband...xoxox so sweeeeeeeeetttt...

En Amir,Wana and Pn Azlianor

The party is so-so je..coz ada incident yg xsepatutnya berlaku..emmmmm...so bengang bila ingatkan balik...Anyway...Thanks guys for da commitment eventhough buat kat cafe je...xoxox :p

3 BITS S1/G1 with En.Amir

3 BITS S1/G2 with Pn.Azlianor

04 November 2007


Dear bloggy,
Tomorrow i have paper but still can change the skin of diz blog...
so here it is..PINK..
oooook...enough2x...continue study..
diz is maybe da temporary skin..i think so. :P
guys wish me luck for my paper tomorrow..
Software Testing And Quality Assurance..
Actually hate diz paper..
but lurfe da lecturer.. xoxox :P

02 November 2007

Dedicated to Syira

its quite interesting links.. so visit it keyh...

Syira,hope you will love diz video..xoxox

31 October 2007

Turbine Technique

Puff..thanks to Allah two papers are done..Only left 3 papers more.. But the two papers.. Arghhhh..make me feel so so so 'bebal'... All da questions unexpected especially Java.. I had done the past paper before diz for Java..n Im too confident da questions will be asked more to coding..But...when I started read all da subjective questions..OMG...no coding but facts..only question 4 asked to complete the java code... I look at Tong who sit next to me..and he said "mati kita..all facts..mcm mana nak goreng..." then look at Putri..and she said.."susahnya...." Em.... dunno wut to say..just pasrah...........I answers all da question using da logical thinking..and based on the java code dat i know!! Hope Miss Intan will help us.. Amin~~
For software project management paper's...hahhaha..again..play wif my mind.. Logical thinking.. All about management..eeeee..all facts... why facts??? Hope next paper will be easier than before..amin~~


Turbine Technique [Shah Alam] needed practical student especially majoring in IT...Allowance will be given below RM500... =)
Job specification : Some programming and prepared documentation [SRA,SRS and so on]

Interested..let me know as soon as possible..
Thank you..

28 October 2007

Final Exam

Final exam is just around da corner..so for UTeM students especially 3 BITS..
All da best guys.. Do da very best..

27 October 2007

Thanks for coming

Big surprise today..!! My 'family angkat' from Pekan datang[Baksis Programme]..xoxox..Quite shocked dapat message from Abi said he's was at Malacca.. But Abi's and family visit adik dia dulu kat Bukit Katil.. Around 6pm baru Abi,Ibu,Faiz and Farisha sampai.. Missing them so much actually..sampai mimpi2x before diz..Rupanya mimpi ada hikmah..Mimpi nak jumpa..xoxox..Anyway thanks for coming and belanja us[wani,mysarah and aini] makan2x at Subaidah..

me and Farisha [she can walk now]

da naughty boy goes to Faiz =p

me and Ibu

aini,me,farisha,wani and Ibu

26 October 2007


Kisah Temuduga Satu Soalan

Seorang CEO ingin mencari eksekutif baru dalam syarikatnya. Dari beribu permohonan, hanya empat yang betul-betul menarik perhatiannya.Bagaimanapun beliau tidak dapat memilih antara keempat-empat orang calon tersebut,lantas memanggil kesemuanya untuk ditemuduga (beliau tidak sekaya Donald Trump untuk menganjurkan temuduga seperti The Apprentice).Setelah keempat-empat calon berada di hadapan beliau, CEO tadi pun mula berkata,"Saya ada satu soalan yang mungkin memberi jawapan berbeza, calon yang memberikan jawapan terbaik akan diterima untuk bekerja di sini"

Soalannya adalah: "Apakah perkara atau benda yang paling pantas sekali?",tanya CEO tersebut.Calon pertama berkata,

"FIKIRAN, kerana kadang ianya datang sendiri tanpa kita sedari"

"Bagus, satu jawapan yang baik", kata CEO tadi.

"Kamu pula?", tanya nya kepada calon kedua.

"KELIP MATA, kerana tanpa kita sedari, sebelum sempat kita buat apa pun,mata kita dah berkelip", jawab calon kedua.

"Satu jawapan yang sangat baik, lagipun perumpamaan melayu pun ada sebut SEKELIP MATA melambangkan kepantasan", kata CEO itu.

"Bagaimana kamu pula?", tanya CEO kepada calon ketiga.

"Kalau kita tengok, lampu KLCC dihidupkan dengan pantas walaupun bangunan tu tinggi. Jadi saya rasa MENGHIDUPKAN LAMPU adalah paling pantas,jawab calon ketiga.

"Jawapan yang terhebat setakat ni. Bagaimana pula dengan kamu?"

CEO terus mengusulkan soalan kepada calon keempat dengan merasakan calon ketiga hampir pasti menjadi eksekutif baru di syarikatnya dengan jawapan yang sangat bagus sebentar tadi.

"Setelah diteliti jawapan calon-calon sebelum saya ni tadi, saya rasa perkara yang paling pantas sekali adalah CIRIT-BIRIT", jawab calon keempat dengan yakin sekali.

"Haaa...???? CIRIT-BIRIT ???? Kamu ni tak serius langsung, macamana kamu boleh mintak kerja dengan syarikat saya ni?", CEO terkejut dengan jawapan calon keempat tadi.

Begini tuan, malam kelmarin saya terjaga di tengah malam dengan rasa sakit perut yang amat sangat. Belum sempat saya FIKIR , KELIP MATA atau MENGHIDUPKAN LAMPU, benda tu dah terkeluar dah.............."

Calon keempat diterima menjadi eksekutif baru syarikat berkenaan.....

25 October 2007


Dear bloggy,
Im back to Malacca.. Semua org sudah selamat pulang.. xoxox =)
We had our dinner togather..Putri,brought all da lauk.. She cooked by herself..Wah kamu sgt pandai..Love your lauk "masak lemak cili api daging salai"..Untung Mr.Azri have you..xoxoxo.. She oso bring "puding telur"...erk..igt xnak makan..then bila rase..oh ok la..xde rase telur langsung..Anyway love da "masak lemak cili api daging salai"..Thanks putri for da lauk.. N thanks oso to Wani for da "kepok lekor".. To uya thanks da "sambal ikan bilis" sgt sedap..Next time bwk lagi keyh.. N last but not least to Pong Kuan Peng..xoxox thanks huh da "kepok keping" [wani panggil mcm tu]..

"kepok lekor","sambal ikan bilis",nasi wif cili api daging salai","kepok keping"

24 October 2007


Today i have to meet mi dentist..for following check up..bout mi braces...Early morning dah kluar rumah..At first buy mi ticket for tomorrow..After bought the ticket..Dunno where to go.. So i decide hang out at Mid Valley...Arghh...tensi hang out sorang2x..dunno nak call sapa?? My darling hanif got class..Another fwen of coz la keje... Me je la yg terkapai2x blaja lagi.. xoxoxo..

huhuh..dunno y i bought diz bag..mcm pukau masuk MW

Hurm..girl,woman n sewaktu dgnnya if dah jumpa mall pepaham jela..ada je nak beli.. OMG..I saw Miss Whatever shop..Nasib la.. bila dah masuk Im sure sambar sumting.. See wut i've bought..xoxoox then..dah xnak masuk mana-mana shop dah..so went to MPH and bought a novel entitled "Wish You Were Here" actually diz book is wut I feel..Wish Mi darling hanif were there..xoxoxox..NVM la..he got work to do..Its ok darling next time we hang out togather k..
for you darling..xoxo

Then went to food court..Actually da main reason went to Mid Valley cozI miss da food court..xoxoxo..before this gi time pose..So diz time can makan siang...xoxox.. Memandangkan sampai awal lah sgt around 10.30am..err xkan nak makan nasi campur..nanti org pelik..So beli lah nasi goreng ikan bilis..Nampak cam sedap..tapi.......perghhh..tawar...erk...xabis pun.. dah lah first and last makan kat Local Taste.. Mixed Rice gak yg best...After diz pagi ke ptg ke makan kat Mixed Rice..xoxoxo..After makan nasi goreng yg tawar..lepak2x kat bench n read da novel..while tunggu jam 12pm..
Appointment wif dentist around 2.30pm so after lepak ,take mi train to klang..Malang..da train have no air cond..OMG ..tersangat la panas..Arrived at Klang around 1.30pm so got another 1 hour before appointment..dunno where to go..so went to Mydin..lagi la tak tau nak shopping apa..bought some choclate[zip] n tooth paste..xoxox..ntah apa-apa ntah..Then walk slowly to dental clinic..Wow suprising me da first patient..xoxox..sgt bagus.. I met mi dentist around 2.15pm..Dr.Ras got new assistant..erk..a man..OMG..malunya..a man!!! quite good looking tapi nampak cam sengal..xoxoxo..jgn mara nurse.. Dr.Ras change mi rubber..before diz yellow n green..and now grey color..so xnampak sgt lah mi braces.. Thanks Dr.Ras..
I thought mi malang day is over..but then when waiting for da bus..Again Malang..erkkkkkkkkk...tensinya..tahan 3 bus buat dunno je..wut da hell..sabar2x..n finally dpt gak but da driver sengal..again sabar...
Tomorrow going back to Malacca..Mi bus 10am from pudu... er...malasnya mahu pulang..sgt malas..will miss mi bed..mi stuff..mi parent..mi adiks2x..mi opah..mcm2x lah..eeeeerr..sengal...xoxox..

My past stories

Dear bloggy
Lama x tulis sumting kat blog nie..Wanna share my experiances raya for diz year..
3 days before raya quite busy baked a lot of cakes for umi's fwens.. Ada la dlm 10 biji cake lapis..If cake tu bakar ok lah juga..tapi kukus da..Huhu..Umi buat 2 tpt kukus kat depan rumah..waaaaahhh..while me..playing flour and eggs kat kitchen..hahaha..No la me oso helping umi buat bancuhan cake tu..so tired dowh...Hurmm..besides, we oso make some cookies such as tart,almond london n other cookies [dunno apa nama cookies]..

A day before raya,we make rendang,ketupat 'adabi' n at nite umi make da kuah kacang..Huhuh..While ayah make his soup tulang..it is our tradition for every year of hari raya..Penat sgt dat day..ye la before diz smua tu buat kat kg..Now opah sakit terlantar kat mi house so kenala celebrate raya kat banting..n we have to prepared all the dishes togather...Tu lah hikmah umi n ayah ada 4 anak dara..huhuh..si bujang umi n ayah buat apa?? Tidooo all da day..xboleh harap betui..huhuhuh..In da evening..my paksu n his family sampai..Huhu diz raya only paksu n family je ada for malam raya..others family first day raya baru sampai..its ok la..smuanya dekat..Danish,da only son of paksu..sgt takut wif me..sbb apa?? bcoz my face look weird wearing braces..hahaha..terkejut dia..me all da time tutp mulut bila dekat ngan danish..hampeh betui...xpe2x..breaking fast is da time to taste the rendang dat we make..Wowo..sgt pedas..Umi said she will repair back da rendang..Huh ni opah la ni..suh letak smua cili..ishk..nasib baik sedap..tp mmg pedas la..sgt2x pedas..So after breaking fast and pray..we prepared dishes for rombongan takbir..Igtkan kat kg je ada tradition takbir rumah ke rumah..rupa2xnya kat banting oso ada takbir rumah ke rumah..around 11pm baruulah rombongan takbir tu sampai..while me and adik kat atas tgk tv..huhu kebetulan citer about Dr.Sheikh baru sampai kat ISS..hurmm..after rombongan balik baru turun kemas2x apa-apa yg patut..wow a day before raya semuanya kepenatan...tersangat lah penat..

Hari Raya..Its a day..huhu..Dunno la mcm tak ceria je raya tahun nie..takpela layan je la..raya kan..ayah,my lil brother n paksu g semayang raya..Umi cant go?? Why..huhu stomach ache..coz of da rendang yg sgt pedas..N angah plak buat air teh yg sgt manis..Eh angah..ko ni nak kawin ngan org kelantan ke buat air manis2x ni..!! Huhuhu..After ayah n da rest balik from semayang raya..we all bersalam-salaman..huh sangat sedih..n thanks paksu for da duit raya..after salam-salam umi,ayah,paksu,me,alang n paksu pegi kubur arwah atuk..saat2x yg sgt menyedihkan lagi..for a long time me dah lama xziarah kubur arwah atuk..umi and ayah n others je yg rajin ziarah..me selalunya xdpt nak ziarah..i miss mi late atuk so much..atuk i miss you..miss you..miss you..After ziarah,its a time for taking raya pictures..yeah...thanks paksu for taking our family picture..while busy taking picture..Mi pakngah[ayah's side] called ayah..n wish selamat hari raya..He asked ayah to make some speech while he make a loud speaker at his handphone which can be heard to everyone at kampung..It is one of our tradition on ayah's side which every time raya we will gath togather and make some speech..after dat we will salam-salam la..Hehehe..So diz year mi family cant make it..and wif the technology ayah still can make a speech..Huuhu macam kitorang ni jauh sgt je..ok imagine dat we at UK la..ahahhaha.. =)

After taking pictures,mi andah n his husband came..yeah they bring lemang..i miss lemang so much..thanks pak andah for bring da delicious lemang..Eventhough umi and ayah oso bought some lemang..it's cant compared wif the hand made lemang..Again..we eat all the dishes..yg sgt2x sedap..I love hari raya..bcoz can eat all the delicious dishes especially rendang..Around 11am,paksu n his family dah nak balik dah..Going back to maksu izan house plak..So gud bye danish..meet again later..Me..again eat,eat,eat...Cant count how many time me eat..alwiz eat all da time..ahah..who cared..kata hari raya...hari makan..yeah..Penat dgn makan..Me lepak depan tv..tgk all the hari raya programme..after channel 4 change to channel prima..after one channel to another channel...sampai la terlelap..Huhu...n xsedar when mi maktih n her family sampai..bangun2x je nampak mi cousin yumni baring next to me..terkezut den..Huhuh..Then,mi paklang n his family plak sampai..wah baru nampak suasana raya..n meriah sikit....kecoh mi house bila paklang ada..ada saja lawak jenaka dia..huhuh..plus wif his little son ashraf yg sgt noty n play wif bear..Huhuh..N Yumni plak kecoh layan keletah ashraf...mmm..if we all kat kg lagi meriah kan..ni kat banting..mcm duduk kat perantauan..no others relatives visit us..kalu kat kg ada la gak sedara mara yg jauh2x dtg..ni..nobody..xpela..adik2x umi pun dah meriah..wif all mi kazen..[thanks to all mi uncle n auntie for da duit raya....murah rezki u all after diz..next year bagi lagi k!!]

Second day of hari raya..Its da time to balik kampung..pagi2x bangung kena siap..ayah said lambat tinggal..smua bangun cepat2x n bersiap..So yg tinggal jaga opah mi maktih n andah..huhu..xpe later mi maktam n her family plak datang..so ramai la baby sitter opah..ahaha..opah dah mcm budak2x..On da way balik..omg mi stomach buat hal..terpaksa minta ayah berhenti kat RnR Seremban..buat pelaburan..Huh ni mesti rendang semalam n other dishes yg me makan..ya la yesterday makan tak ingat dunia dah..hentam smua makan..n look today..ya rabbi sakitnya perut..thanks la ada RnR..hahahha..Ok sampai kat kg lalu depan rumah opah..sayu je rumah tu..if not setiap tahun hari raya..rumah opahla yg paling bising..now senyap sunyi sepi..mcm nak menitis je tgk rumah opah tu..Sampai je kat umah wan kitorang bersalam-salaman minta ampun maaf..Huhu..tgk2x diorang buat apa?? Wah..everyone were busy wif their handphone..keje Along la ni..ntah apa-apa technology handphone la dia bwk n intoroduce kat uncle2x n auntie2x dia..my dad...?? Huhuhu.."Handphone pak long tak boleh ker" then i said " handphone ayah out of date cannot"..huhu..tu la we all adik beradik dah suh ayah tukar phone baru..but he refuses to change..so wut can i say..Xpe..Bila kakak dah keje..i buy u a latest handphone ye yah..Anyway before i forgot thanks ayah for da new laptop..Ayah amik yg lama..while me take da new one..ayah yg bagi kan..thanks ayah..Ok..after makan2x..we all pegi beraya di rumah sanak saudara yg berdekatan ngan rumah opah..wah.....sgt syahdunya..After visiting..we balik semula ke rumah wan..take some rest n makan AGAIN!!..dats y i love hari raya..HUhuhuhu.. while lepak2x angah give duit raya she said along give it..wah along u gave me duit raya..thankssss bangat...huhuh 2 angpow ma..isi dlm belakang kira..Hhuhuhu..Anyway thanks again...n my pakcik2x oso giving us duit raya..thanks for da duit raya..The next day we going back to banting again!!! satu malam je kat kg..takpela..ok lah tu..me pun xbetah sgt duk kat kampung lama2x..dunno y..apa-apapun still love kampung...Before going back my pakngah n pakcik yusuf give me duit raya...again duit raya..hahaha..n oso Angah again diz year giving me duit raya..Hahaha dah la sebaya u give me duit raya huh..anyway thank u la ye..next time bila me dah keje..mi turn give u duit raya k..Huhuhu...

So today umi planning to visit her siblings at klang..Me oso ikut..huhuhu..Maksu n family oso ikut sama..first house rumah maktam...eat again..eat..eat...n eat...then g umah paksu plak..hehehe..oso eat..Memandangkan hujan je..ayah decide g 2 rumah je..huhu..xpela..agipun auntie sorang2x jaga opah..n da next day umi woke me up and said wanna bring opah to paksu house..What?? oook..xkesah la..me jadi co pilot naik auntie's car..so opah kat blakang wif adik..opah baring all da time..Huh..opah..opah..Auntie call maktih,maktam n maksu to join us at rumah paksu..hehe..they come..wah meriah rumah paksu at paya indah..dah la tepi pantai...best..view pun not bad..dekat dengan tpt ikan bakar..if we stay at nite paksu will take me there..poor us..cannot..opah bising ajak balik..omg opah..opah..u r not the driver..u are the passenger..ok mam..blub..After asar we going back to banting..n the other next day of hari raya..still da same..kawan mamat..kawan alang..kawan ayah...n other relatives come to visit us..mi fwen..?? huh sorang pun tak dtg..hahahha..ye la me oso tak visit diorang..sory gang..bukan tak nak dtg..a lot of work to do..huhuhuhu...next raya k..next raya me practical..boleh kut..hehehe..So dats all da story of mi hari raya..yg bosan n yg seronok..n yg penat...

Anyway wanna wish welcome home Dr.Sheikh..Welcome back to the earth..Cepat blk malaysia share wif us all ur experiance..Hehehe..You make me proud to be malaysian..Go malaysia..go go go..Assalamualaikum...Turaaaa..

more pictures

10 October 2007


Congratulation Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor[35y] for being the first astronaut of malaysia..You rockx man..xoxox...Wish you all da best..Selamat pergi n Selamat kembali..Beliau akan berlepas ke space around 9.21pm[waktu Malaysia] for 10 days..Fuh..mcm mana la keadaan kat space kan.. You're so lucky doc..Not everyone can get the changes..So take the changes n share wif us when you come back to Malaysia..xoxoxo..
Erm...so tired today..helping umi's baked cakes for her fwen..byk sgt sehhhh...after diz will continued back...pergh...Only have 2 days for Hari Raya..So xciting..first raya will be at Banting..second raya BALIK KAMPUNG..xoxox..jadila eventhough only one nite je kat umah wan..ok lah kan daripada x balik langsung..huhuh...So guys..Selamat Hari Raya n Maaf Zahir Batin K..

05 October 2007


Dear bloggy,
Im going back tomorrow..yea2x..finally going back..Im so xcited..yahoo!! xoxoxo...after sacrificed to finish up mi system...n da scrificed tu agak berbaloi after winning da best system.. N tomorrow is da day!! Yeah...Miss ma family,ma home,ma banting oso...xoxox..Before going back meet Muhammad Hanif...shopping raya wif him n Irwan[his besfwen] kalu dia ikut la..Hanif said he will join us..Dunno la if saat2x akhir..
Yesterday & today i have another two presentation which are Software Testing n oso da Web Application..Credit to Tong n Paan for build da system..xoxox...Me just help dari belakang.. So if u can see picture kat sebelah tu is ma aquarium kat facebook...for da beginning ma fish ada ni je la mybe next time ada shark plak..ma target shark after diz..xoxoxo... So anybody who have account dlm facebook dun forget to add me k... N if bermurah hari bagi lah shark...xoxoxo...

04 October 2007

::Dun waste ur time to read diz::

5 things in my bag

* purse

* notes

* tissue

* pencilcase

* mp3

5 things in my wallet

* cash

* ic

* driving license

* bank cards

* calendar

5 favorite things in my bedroom

* da fan

* da bed

* da photo frames

* da pretty box containing my treasures

* da frog frm hanif

5 things I would like to do

* get married wif hanif

* go travelling wif hanif

* go vacations wif hanif

* shopping wif hanif

* sleep..sleep..sleep

5 things I am doing now

* doing this

* write ma blog

* thinking about hanif

* thinking about raya

* thinking about ma family

03 October 2007

::We Won::

Dear bloggy,
Alhamdulillah smuanya ok masa presentation workshop 2 tadi.. Eventhough sgt penat n dah rase nak breaking my fast dah tadi..xoxoxo... sbb sgt haus ... I though only 2 judges for judging our system n poster..but ada 4 judges beb...huh..smua judges ok la..but ada juga judges yg mcm nak menghentam..arghhhh..yg nak menghentam tu lah rase mcm nak cekik2x je..tp sabar je la...n oso ada gak judges yg bagi opinion..so we take all da opinion n oso da hentam2x utk perbaiki lagi kelemahan kami..from us thank u so much for da opinion n da hentam2x...xoxoxo

our team[da purpelish] b4 presentation [the others are supporters,thanks guys]

our booth yg 'simple' sampai takde org nak lawat... sob..sob..sob :(

our poster yg sgt gorgeous

one of da De' Amour interface

Exhibition ni not only for da BITS student[SOftware Development],BITM [Media Interactive] oso participated..tp diorang xbuat sistem la..most of them buat animation,short story n so on based on their majoring which is media interactive..Anyway thanks Syura coz bagi bookmark even x tgk pun lagi ur story..Just visit ur booth je huhuh..n thanks visit mi booth..later copy ye ur story tu..mcm biasa la..xoxox

Syura's booth

After exhibition n da presentation we all ada majlis closing[kat lecture hall je] simple giler majlis tu...Miss Aina jadi MC..after ucapan dari judges n Dr Burarirah..saat2x di nantikan pun tiba which is announcing da best system n oso da best poster..Miss Aina start annouce da best system first start from da third place which goes to Fatah n da gang group.. n second runner up are Shafikah Hani group..n da winner n da champion are.............De Amour group..xoxoxo still cant believe we won..mcm kena electric shot je..xoxox...after dat annouce da best poster..n again our group won..credit to sumone yg byk tlg kitorang dlm poster ni..n for da system credit to Abg Ayie,n da direct entry guys[forgot his name] yg ada tlg sikit2x...xoxo for those yg give morale support oso thank u so so so much...n da most important De' Amour team mates,WANI,AZIZAH & PUTRI thank u guys...u all dah buat yg da best....maybe because our cooperation salah satu sbb kita mng kut...xoxoxo...thank u thank u n thank u again..later kiter kenduri our hamper k..

De'Amour wif da prizes...thank u and congratz guys

p/s: to 3BITS u guys rockx..thanks for da all support..u all punya system oso gempaq.. To our supervisor Mr.Suffian..thank u sir..ur advice and comment help us a lot..
to hanif..thanks oso for giving ur morale support..even diz morning u lambat wish kat i..xoxox

more pictures

02 October 2007

De'Amour Team

to mi dearest de'Amour mates Wani,Azizah and Putri...
All da bes for tomorrow k..Hope 2morrow we can answer all da question smoothly and wif a lil bit confident.xoxoxox..Back up each other keyh..Chaiyok2x smua..
Grrr..sgt takut ni..tomorrow is our big day..Workshop 2 presentation+exhibition..My supervisor said [En.Suffian] mayb our dean will be da judges..OMG..Prof. Shahrin..He is so pandai..Ketaq lutut if mmg dia yg akan judge we all esok..
Wish me luck keyh..Amin~~

01 October 2007


Only have 2 days...arghhh..seremnya...takut seh..
Cant imagine wut will be happen on dat day..Apa lah question yg penilai bakal tanya..
OMG..serius sgt takut nie..Harghhh..Wut shud i do if im panic dat day..
Ya Allah give me strength dat day.. and not be too panic amin~

to hanif;
darling ok x i pakai high heel tu when going out wif u..xoxoxox
how about da bag..it is gorgeous..da blaus?? Anyway love da ring so much..but miss da old ring :(

30 September 2007

Feel Bored

Shoes for him

Which one is better for hanif..He choose the right side..which have pink or purple[he said the color like red or maroon ] errrr..mi dear..r u sure u wanna wear dat kind of shoes...Actually i love da design but da color............ xoxoxooxox

29 September 2007


Dear bloggy,
Today im not feeling very well..Stomach ache dari pagi sampai sekarang..arghhhh sagt tensi...but dlm sakit2x tu aku sempat lagi update mi beloved blog nie..huuhuh..dah blur dah..nak buat bengkel sgt xde mood..so apa lagi update la blog nie...so wut do u think about mi new blog..ok??quite simple..n kewl rite..huhuhuh...So,sapa la baby kecik yg kat sebelah ni kan..He is Airil Shazani..Hanif's cousin..y i putting his picture?? Sbbnya..he is mi twin!!!! our birthday sama [25th July] but different year la...of coz la...he's born on 2007..baby millenium.. n me born on 1984..baby wut huh?? smart baby..yeah smart baby da best word to describe me..hahahahha..So chubby kan Airil ni..Tgk lah cousin dia sapa?? huhuhu..Along Hanif yang sgt tomey lerrrrr...Look at da pic..Like daddy n his son..xoxoxox...jgn marah erk.. Actually today hanif going back to KL [his maksu house] coz of dat lah dpt bergambar ngan baby Airil.. :P Emm..cant wait to meet him next week... mi pumkin darling....xoxoxoox.....
Eventhough today agak bad sikit coz of da stomach ache..but fell a bit syiok..coz dpt chat wif mi dad n lil sisters [ adik n alang] heheh..siap webcam..huhuhu..missing them so much...they told me...they missing me oso..haaaaa....so sweet...xpe be patient by next week on saturday after meet Hanif terus balik Banting..luvly hometown yg sudah semakin maju...xoxoxoxo....k bloggy...let cont da job [da evil workshop]

Hello 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys; This year my double H started going to school!! Tadika la of course.. haha.. So we decided to send them to Ta...