23 November 2007


oracle class is over!![wink]
tersangat lega!!
No need to think'Show Error',Begin....End;','Procedure...Package' and so on but all i need to think now is going back!!!!!!! xoxox

cant wait for tomorrow!!
the whole family will pick me up
[exclude Alang she need to stay at hostel coz SPM exam]
n then terus balik kampung at Johol N9..
Ayah said "rumah lama tak di tidurkan,so we need to stay for one nite"
Aiyak..sleep at opah's house.. [sigh]
I think it is about 1 year we are not stay at opah's house since she sick and stay at my house.
Only visit the house to clean it up..
Aiyak..cant imagine lot of "tahis kelawar & katak" here n there.. errrkkk.... rumah tinggal [sigh]

Hurmmm..holiday still holiday..
But i need to find out the topic for Final year project
[cant believe Im final year student!!!]
Blur la.. dunno wut to do..
Next semester kena propose topic and proposal..
Huh..anyone..help me find out the topic.. I need topic which can be relate wif management system ex: stock.
Programming language : JAVA..
Hurmm JAVA!!!
Hahaha..satu posisi yg sgt bahaya..Im not expert in JAVA..
En.Sanusi who is my supervisor asked me to use JAVA..
Its a risk..n i love to take a risk..n love to challenge myself to do new thing!!..xoxoxo..
Amin~ hope everything will be ok la time buat project tu nanti..
So guys help me find the topic.. help..help..help...


  1. think wider and wider mun! look around you! identify the problem! orang lain x nak cari masalah tp orang macam kita ni mesti cari masalah!

  2. huhu..aku x paham natang aper ar.. huhu..sbnrnyer aku x bc lg..
    jp g la aku bc..huhuhu...

  3. ko semuanya tak paham ngah..
    apa yg ko paham ntah...

  4. ko jangan main2 nak wat final projek klu ko sendiri xtau language tu..kan extend habis ko..jgn pk PSM cam projek2 subjek lain..jgn cari nahas..
    juz to inform you..
    Batch aku ramai buat java extend n dapat markah x memuaskan

    BITS 2004-2007

  5. thanks for da' advice..
    mmg nak buat language lain..
    tp dah en.sanusi minta java.. =(
    ikut je laa


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