23 November 2007


oracle class is over!![wink]
tersangat lega!!
No need to think'Show Error',Begin....End;','Procedure...Package' and so on but all i need to think now is going back!!!!!!! xoxox

cant wait for tomorrow!!
the whole family will pick me up
[exclude Alang she need to stay at hostel coz SPM exam]
n then terus balik kampung at Johol N9..
Ayah said "rumah lama tak di tidurkan,so we need to stay for one nite"
Aiyak..sleep at opah's house.. [sigh]
I think it is about 1 year we are not stay at opah's house since she sick and stay at my house.
Only visit the house to clean it up..
Aiyak..cant imagine lot of "tahis kelawar & katak" here n there.. errrkkk.... rumah tinggal [sigh]

Hurmmm..holiday still holiday..
But i need to find out the topic for Final year project
[cant believe Im final year student!!!]
Blur la.. dunno wut to do..
Next semester kena propose topic and proposal..
Huh..anyone..help me find out the topic.. I need topic which can be relate wif management system ex: stock.
Programming language : JAVA..
Hurmm JAVA!!!
Hahaha..satu posisi yg sgt bahaya..Im not expert in JAVA..
En.Sanusi who is my supervisor asked me to use JAVA..
Its a risk..n i love to take a risk..n love to challenge myself to do new thing!!..xoxoxo..
Amin~ hope everything will be ok la time buat project tu nanti..
So guys help me find the topic.. help..help..help...

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