14 November 2007

New Skin[AGAIN]!!

Again..new skin.. and plus with new tagboard... xoxox quite bored with da old one so i decided to change it..
Facebook...arghhhhh..I'm addicted with facebook...especially pirates application... Anti wif one of da pirate in the application.. Alyo Gaska.. "Huh kamoo igt kamoo sudah hebat yer!!" He's alwiz keep bullying me...Alwiz trap me wif his bomb..."Eleh baru ada 10 bomb..kerek er..."....hahaha[gelak pirate] You wait Alyo.. I will attack you!!! xoxoxoxox....

Hello 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys; This year my double H started going to school!! Tadika la of course.. haha.. So we decided to send them to Ta...