12 November 2007

Final Exam Over

My final exam is over..The last paper is Web based Application.. Overall da questions is ok n quite tough especially in section C[essei] but I dont have enough time to think and oso to "goreng" da coding in section C... They only given us 2 hours to answers all da questions..but damn the given time its not suitable compare to the questions...I mean the estimations time to answer da question..They shoud give us 2hours and half(sigh)
Hurmmm..Past is past..Now just waiting for da result.."Hampeh" or not..Just wait and see..Just pray and pray...Hope my pointer will not "kebabommm" like a bomb..if "kebabommm" with flying colors..fine..but....(sigh)
Still staying at Malacca for Oracle [PL/SQL] prof.cert class.. The class will begin 19/11/07 until 23/11/07..Thanks ALLAH only 1 week..xoxoxox

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  1. Bestnye dah bleh ilex. i baru je nk start. :( apapun wish u a heppy holiday k.. n gudluck for ur class n short sem.. :) miss u always..


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