06 November 2007

Class Party 2007

Today my class [3 BITS] had our class party.. Actually party tu like "Jamuan Hari Raya" xoxo.. Lama dah planning wif our PA..n today baru dapat buat...Credits to Azizah coz willing arranged majlis tu utk kitorang...Thanks to Pn.Azlianor and En.Amir coz sudi luang masa ngan kitorang.. N our special guest today is En.Suhaizan..husband Pn.Azlianor..So sweet both of them... But poor En.Suhaizan cannot eat coz fasting..So then,Pn.Azlianor "tapau" for her husband...xoxox so sweeeeeeeeetttt...

En Amir,Wana and Pn Azlianor

The party is so-so je..coz ada incident yg xsepatutnya berlaku..emmmmm...so bengang bila ingatkan balik...Anyway...Thanks guys for da commitment eventhough buat kat cafe je...xoxox :p

3 BITS S1/G1 with En.Amir

3 BITS S1/G2 with Pn.Azlianor


  1. wuuuuu....sedapnye makan ramai-ramai sambil mengumpat....

  2. artvector:mmg sedap makan beramai2x sambil ngumpat

    razifmustapha:org sama ke ngan artvector


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