13 November 2007

Olympus 795SW

Check out this gadget.. So cool.. Olympus 795SW.. This camera can take photo underwater?? woo.. even though before this i have seen many camera with can take photo underwater but diz one i dunno why when i watched NTV7 Breakfast Show this morning and they showed this cool camera.. Seriously I fall in love with this camera.. For the pixels its 7.1 megapixels... xoxox.. Bila la nak byk duit ni..I want this camera!!!!..


  1. aku cadangkan ko beli la canon 400d, bukan mahal pun. RM2699k. Huhhhhuh. kompem puas hati

  2. puas ati erk...tp aku suka jenama olympus..ayah aku pun guna olympus..
    canon 400d tu pun waterproof ker??
    nak check arr..

  3. xde mende nak buat...buat la skin...xoxox

  4. aku dah tgk canon 400d tu
    tp kurang suka lah design dia..bosar sgt.. kang org nampak camera dr nampak aku!! xoxoox


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