01 October 2007


Only have 2 days...arghhh..seremnya...takut seh..
Cant imagine wut will be happen on dat day..Apa lah question yg penilai bakal tanya..
OMG..serius sgt takut nie..Harghhh..Wut shud i do if im panic dat day..
Ya Allah give me strength dat day.. and not be too panic amin~

to hanif;
darling ok x i pakai high heel tu when going out wif u..xoxoxox
how about da bag..it is gorgeous..da blaus?? Anyway love da ring so much..but miss da old ring :(


  1. hi sweety.. r u sure u want to wear that shoes to walk at Pudu? is't realy u want to wear dat type of outfit? if u do so, u realy changed a lot my dear. huhuhu.. i dont mind wut u want to wear, as long as it is urself in the outfit. love n miss u so dearly my love. mmuakkhhsss.. :*
    about the ring, later we go n fix it ok. dont u worry or feel sad. i dont blame u syg..

  2. huuhu...not today,tomorrow or diz year .. insyaALLAH will wear da utfit..mayb bila dah keje kot..dah ada kete sendiri baru suitable nak pakai tu..ni pakai sumting like dat naik bas...xoxoxo

  3. uiyoo..vogue seyh munnie klu ko pkai camnih! hehe~ aku alu-alukan :D


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