03 October 2007

::We Won::

Dear bloggy,
Alhamdulillah smuanya ok masa presentation workshop 2 tadi.. Eventhough sgt penat n dah rase nak breaking my fast dah tadi..xoxoxo... sbb sgt haus ... I though only 2 judges for judging our system n poster..but ada 4 judges beb...huh..smua judges ok la..but ada juga judges yg mcm nak menghentam..arghhhh..yg nak menghentam tu lah rase mcm nak cekik2x je..tp sabar je la...n oso ada gak judges yg bagi opinion..so we take all da opinion n oso da hentam2x utk perbaiki lagi kelemahan kami..from us thank u so much for da opinion n da hentam2x...xoxoxo

our team[da purpelish] b4 presentation [the others are supporters,thanks guys]

our booth yg 'simple' sampai takde org nak lawat... sob..sob..sob :(

our poster yg sgt gorgeous

one of da De' Amour interface

Exhibition ni not only for da BITS student[SOftware Development],BITM [Media Interactive] oso participated..tp diorang xbuat sistem la..most of them buat animation,short story n so on based on their majoring which is media interactive..Anyway thanks Syura coz bagi bookmark even x tgk pun lagi ur story..Just visit ur booth je huhuh..n thanks visit mi booth..later copy ye ur story tu..mcm biasa la..xoxox

Syura's booth

After exhibition n da presentation we all ada majlis closing[kat lecture hall je] simple giler majlis tu...Miss Aina jadi MC..after ucapan dari judges n Dr Burarirah..saat2x di nantikan pun tiba which is announcing da best system n oso da best poster..Miss Aina start annouce da best system first start from da third place which goes to Fatah n da gang group.. n second runner up are Shafikah Hani group..n da winner n da champion are.............De Amour group..xoxoxo still cant believe we won..mcm kena electric shot je..xoxox...after dat annouce da best poster..n again our group won..credit to sumone yg byk tlg kitorang dlm poster ni..n for da system credit to Abg Ayie,n da direct entry guys[forgot his name] yg ada tlg sikit2x...xoxo for those yg give morale support oso thank u so so so much...n da most important De' Amour team mates,WANI,AZIZAH & PUTRI thank u guys...u all dah buat yg da best....maybe because our cooperation salah satu sbb kita mng kut...xoxoxo...thank u thank u n thank u again..later kiter kenduri our hamper k..

De'Amour wif da prizes...thank u and congratz guys

p/s: to 3BITS u guys rockx..thanks for da all support..u all punya system oso gempaq.. To our supervisor Mr.Suffian..thank u sir..ur advice and comment help us a lot..
to hanif..thanks oso for giving ur morale support..even diz morning u lambat wish kat i..xoxox

more pictures

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