05 October 2007


Dear bloggy,
Im going back tomorrow..yea2x..finally going back..Im so xcited..yahoo!! xoxoxo...after sacrificed to finish up mi system...n da scrificed tu agak berbaloi after winning da best system.. N tomorrow is da day!! Yeah...Miss ma family,ma home,ma banting oso...xoxox..Before going back meet Muhammad Hanif...shopping raya wif him n Irwan[his besfwen] kalu dia ikut la..Hanif said he will join us..Dunno la if saat2x akhir..
Yesterday & today i have another two presentation which are Software Testing n oso da Web Application..Credit to Tong n Paan for build da system..xoxox...Me just help dari belakang.. So if u can see picture kat sebelah tu is ma aquarium kat facebook...for da beginning ma fish ada ni je la mybe next time ada shark plak..ma target shark after diz..xoxoxo... So anybody who have account dlm facebook dun forget to add me k... N if bermurah hari bagi lah shark...xoxoxo...

Hello 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys; This year my double H started going to school!! Tadika la of course.. haha.. So we decided to send them to Ta...