25 October 2007


Dear bloggy,
Im back to Malacca.. Semua org sudah selamat pulang.. xoxox =)
We had our dinner togather..Putri,brought all da lauk.. She cooked by herself..Wah kamu sgt pandai..Love your lauk "masak lemak cili api daging salai"..Untung Mr.Azri have you..xoxoxo.. She oso bring "puding telur"...erk..igt xnak makan..then bila rase..oh ok la..xde rase telur langsung..Anyway love da "masak lemak cili api daging salai"..Thanks putri for da lauk.. N thanks oso to Wani for da "kepok lekor".. To uya thanks da "sambal ikan bilis" sgt sedap..Next time bwk lagi keyh.. N last but not least to Pong Kuan Peng..xoxox thanks huh da "kepok keping" [wani panggil mcm tu]..

"kepok lekor","sambal ikan bilis",nasi wif cili api daging salai","kepok keping"

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