31 October 2007

Turbine Technique

Puff..thanks to Allah two papers are done..Only left 3 papers more.. But the two papers.. Arghhhh..make me feel so so so 'bebal'... All da questions unexpected especially Java.. I had done the past paper before diz for Java..n Im too confident da questions will be asked more to coding..But...when I started read all da subjective questions..OMG...no coding but facts..only question 4 asked to complete the java code... I look at Tong who sit next to me..and he said "mati kita..all facts..mcm mana nak goreng..." then look at Putri..and she said.."susahnya...." Em.... dunno wut to say..just pasrah...........I answers all da question using da logical thinking..and based on the java code dat i know!! Hope Miss Intan will help us.. Amin~~
For software project management paper's...hahhaha..again..play wif my mind.. Logical thinking.. All about management..eeeee..all facts... why facts??? Hope next paper will be easier than before..amin~~


Turbine Technique [Shah Alam] needed practical student especially majoring in IT...Allowance will be given below RM500... =)
Job specification : Some programming and prepared documentation [SRA,SRS and so on]

Interested..let me know as soon as possible..
Thank you..

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