27 October 2007

Thanks for coming

Big surprise today..!! My 'family angkat' from Pekan datang[Baksis Programme]..xoxox..Quite shocked dapat message from Abi said he's was at Malacca.. But Abi's and family visit adik dia dulu kat Bukit Katil.. Around 6pm baru Abi,Ibu,Faiz and Farisha sampai.. Missing them so much actually..sampai mimpi2x before diz..Rupanya mimpi ada hikmah..Mimpi nak jumpa..xoxox..Anyway thanks for coming and belanja us[wani,mysarah and aini] makan2x at Subaidah..

me and Farisha [she can walk now]

da naughty boy goes to Faiz =p

me and Ibu

aini,me,farisha,wani and Ibu


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  2. my dear,
    farisha xtkut ke tgk perubahan pada gigi syg? erm... faiz tu tgk muka pn tau 'si nakal'. hehehe.. mana gambar abi?? diorg bape bradik?

  3. memula dia takut...then dia ok..huhuh


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