02 October 2007

De'Amour Team

to mi dearest de'Amour mates Wani,Azizah and Putri...
All da bes for tomorrow k..Hope 2morrow we can answer all da question smoothly and wif a lil bit confident.xoxoxox..Back up each other keyh..Chaiyok2x smua..
Grrr..sgt takut ni..tomorrow is our big day..Workshop 2 presentation+exhibition..My supervisor said [En.Suffian] mayb our dean will be da judges..OMG..Prof. Shahrin..He is so pandai..Ketaq lutut if mmg dia yg akan judge we all esok..
Wish me luck keyh..Amin~~

Hello 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys; This year my double H started going to school!! Tadika la of course.. haha.. So we decided to send them to Ta...