29 September 2007


Dear bloggy,
Today im not feeling very well..Stomach ache dari pagi sampai sekarang..arghhhh sagt tensi...but dlm sakit2x tu aku sempat lagi update mi beloved blog nie..huuhuh..dah blur dah..nak buat bengkel sgt xde mood..so apa lagi update la blog nie...so wut do u think about mi new blog..ok??quite simple..n kewl rite..huhuhuh...So,sapa la baby kecik yg kat sebelah ni kan..He is Airil Shazani..Hanif's cousin..y i putting his picture?? Sbbnya..he is mi twin!!!! our birthday sama [25th July] but different year la...of coz la...he's born on 2007..baby millenium.. n me born on 1984..baby wut huh?? smart baby..yeah smart baby da best word to describe me..hahahahha..So chubby kan Airil ni..Tgk lah cousin dia sapa?? huhuhu..Along Hanif yang sgt tomey lerrrrr...Look at da pic..Like daddy n his son..xoxoxox...jgn marah erk.. Actually today hanif going back to KL [his maksu house] coz of dat lah dpt bergambar ngan baby Airil.. :P Emm..cant wait to meet him next week... mi pumkin darling....xoxoxoox.....
Eventhough today agak bad sikit coz of da stomach ache..but fell a bit syiok..coz dpt chat wif mi dad n lil sisters [ adik n alang] heheh..siap webcam..huhuhu..missing them so much...they told me...they missing me oso..haaaaa....so sweet...xpe be patient by next week on saturday after meet Hanif terus balik Banting..luvly hometown yg sudah semakin maju...xoxoxoxo....k bloggy...let cont da job [da evil workshop]

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