26 September 2007

Lab Test

Dear bloggy,
As i mentioned before diz morning n evening i got 2 labtest.OOP and IT Security..Huhu for IT security kena buat encryption guna tool encryption AlphaPeeler..
First impression tgk tools tu igtkan susah nak xplore..Alhamdulillah quite easy...tu part A la..ut part B..hahah kantoi..cant answer the question..tp Ms.Rahayu said can explore to find out the answer..tp..explore or not..oso cant answer..sbb apa?? of coz la lupa konsep..once forgot da concept u r totally lost..so same goes to me..padan muka diri sendiri la...
So in da evening plak we got lab test for OOP..1st impression dpt question paper..rerasa blh jwb...but bila dah masuk suh buat da interface..oh mi..its mi weakness..FAIL..but finally can figure out da problem..Alhamdulillah..huhuhuh..
So tomorrow got another quiz..Quiz for Software Testingarghhh..xbaca lagi ni..its ok byk link..hahaha link la sgt..insyaALLAh sempat kut baca tomorro..coz da quiz will start on 2pm..Amin~ sempat hopefully..
K bloggy till now..

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