11 September 2007

welcome blogspot gud bye blogdrive

Dear Bloggy,
Diz is my first writing in diz blog..huhu saja je ubah angin nak try writing in diz blog..dah bosan ngan blogdrive..
Anyway nuthing special today..just tadi kena amik retest quiz sbb xdtg masa kelas..
I met my dentist dat day..so cant come lerrr..huhuh..
Actually kat blogdrive i dah tulis about my contest kat Uitm..So in diz blog oso i want to share la..its began on
8.September.07 its mi new experiance on dat day..apa dia huhu?
i entered programming contest at UiTM Shah Alam..
Its mi new experiance Compete wif student all over Malaysia[ipta+ipts]
So far ok je la...bout da question actually its easy but its a lot of tricky here and there..
Its ok our team lost..yg penting da experiance..valuable experiance..
Anywhere,time contest tu ou team dpt jwb 5 question..tp bila submit kat judges only 1 yg correct 100%..quite strick judgement..huhuSo 1 betul n dpt 1 balloon..huhu...mcm best je..mmg sgt bes la..Huhuh..so dats is.
So..diz week quite busy wif doing n prepared the system for presentation on week 13[some lecturer said on week 14,quite confuse] overall my group presentation is still undercontrol..
If not undercontrol of coz la i will call ABANG AYIE..help your ADIK...Need ur help...Help..help..
Huhuhuh..so bloggy..till now..let me update later..
welcome blogger gud bye blogdrive

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    You yg join team UTeM for the ProMed 2007 tu kan..? hehehe.. terjumpa yg post ni.. Amacam lain2 tu..? Programming dah power dah kut..? Nak baca your post kat blogdrive about the contest.. :D Orait! Thanks...


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