28 December 2007

new semester??

Haiyak...sgt malas mahu balik melaka..
got 2 days more..ahad will be there!!!
cant imagine diz sem will be kelam kabut+serabut=kebut; *sigh
=( huarghhhh hate to be there..
but i have 2..fuhhhh..only one sem Munirah...
diz sem need to work hard babe!!! score more n more!!!

wish list for new semester!!
  • No play2x
  • pointer kasi up!!
  • get an A for mi PSM
  • sleep less,study more!!
  • hangout less,study more!!
  • focus..focus n more focus
*wish list to be cont'd =)

1 comment:

  1. all the best n good luck on ur new semester. i'll always give u support wherever n whenever u need it.. ganbatte.. caiyok2.. muakhhsss.. =*


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