09 February 2008

too short

eee... y term break only 1 week!!!
xpuas stay at home ok!!!
tomorrow dah kena balik malacca!! =(

i need more rest!!!

yes i do still need more rest!!

uwarghhhh...next tuesday got lab test for AI

mcm mana ni???

hentam?? cannot!! its PROLOG Language ok!!!

calm down...i know i can do it..
(erghhhh sdp hati punya pasal!)


  1. hi syg, me oso xpuas cuti.. skjap je abis smggu.. erm..i know u r so tired.. since start cuti, b stgk ari2 syg btgkus lmus buat keje.. klau la bleh b tlg.. but apa yg b leh tlg.. b cuma mmpu bg skongn je.. i know u can do it my dear.. if english language insyaallah b bleh tlg skit2.. but i know u very well.. cmne ssah pn syg akn cuba buat.. i'm very proud of u.. caiyok2 syg.. ganbatte.. spirit kiss 4 u.. muakhhsss.. =* i sayang u..

  2. mana ada b nk mnta apa2.. b puji ikhlas la.. u r wut u r.. i konw who u r syg.. huhu.. i sayang u..


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