05 February 2008


remember mi previous post i mentioned i miss redha so much!!!
hippiee..i met him last Sunday.. He came to mi house wif his family..
huaaaaa...redha sudah besar!! but still cant walk.. =)


last sunday oso hv fun melayan kerenah Danial and Udin ( abang2x redha)
their growing up and so intelligent now!!
hehehe sampai solat asar dikatakan solat zuhur!! =)
sooooo happy meeting them!!

Danial the sponge bob and Udin the ultraman!!

yeah finally yesterday hang out wif Syira..
at first dunno nak hang out mana..
then Syira decided lepak2x kat AEON Bukit Tinggi
hehehe lepak kah KAMI??
no..no..no..if have money no istilah lepak in our life!!
hahahah....babe of coz shopping if dah nampak sale merata!!
n oso mmg dah planning nak shopping togather!!
wahhh...im having fun shopping wif u, Syira!!

kami shopping sampai lupa lunch!!
=) sgt hebat...n xsedar dah pukul 6!!
happy..super happy la yesterday!!!!

forget to mention.. I met Azlina and Nini at Padini Concept Store
hehehe..mereka kata saya semakin kurus!!
=( saya mahu besarkan badan saya sikit..
i've ate a lot ok!!

Syira and me
having lunch+tea at Kenny Rogers

haiya..feel exhausted sgt2x!!!

erk...shopping with Syira=done!!
shopping with siblings= ???
hehehe not yet..so can shopping again??
seriously promise after this no more k..
mmm..accept beli present for Hanif.. =p


  1. oit, sila masuk laman nih dan jawab soklan tersebut... hahaha


  2. erm..tu la mau bleh shopping smpai xigt nk mkn.. dah abis bru igt letih.. apadaa.. bnyk btul shopping smpai xlrat nk bwa.. huhu.. pasni syg kna la bjimat cermat.. jgn overbudget lg tau..

  3. hihihi..sgt best shopping ari tuh. :) akunyer post..tunggu eh! byk test laa this week..

    u've eaten a lot? ermm..i think u should eat more laa munnie~


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