23 February 2008


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The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly,& lie about your age.
Happy Birthday to you!!
Age?? Cannot be mentioned la.. tp sapa kenal Syasya sure tau!! =P
all the best in everything u do ok!!
hope ko dapat la g INDIA!!!=)

Hippie!!! Hanif is going to Malacca today!!!
super happpy!!!

tpkan...i've no idea nak bawak Hanif round2x Malacca ni!! *blur
Hurmm..maybe buat marathon tgk movie!!
Hahahahha...serius no idea ok!!
since me xtau jalan Malacca ni!!! =p
everytime hang out org bwk kan..
so me just sit back n relax...tau2x je dah sampai destinasi!!

mood for now : happy...super happy =)
mood for next week : moody+tension =(


  1. thanks moon rjn btoi ko wish ak kt blog... mane adiah x da ka... hehehe main2 ja.. nk kuar ngan anep ari nie kn.. enjoy ur day..

  2. WC!!!!
    kan dah bagi adiah toblerone!!


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