21 February 2008

Blythe Dolls

Blythe doll sememangnya doll yg comel..
but for me ada sumting wrong wif their eyes!!
Sgt menakutkan OK!!
Their eyes seem want sympathy from us!!

N oso tadi saja2x je la google price for this dolls kat market Malaysia..
Guess brapa rengget??
Around RM300 n ABOVE!! mak ai!!
Me xde lah kut nak beli benda alah ni!!
Mata da la agak scarry!!

So sesapa yg suka doll di persilakan mengumpulnya..
N manalah tau boleh bawak diorang pegi fashion show kat Hong Kong!!
Hahahaha doll pun ada fashion show ok!!!
No wonder bila amek picture..They seem ALIVE ok!!! =P

Blythe doll oso me rase dah jadi trademark for group BONECA
hehehe..BONECA said they all not a band..
Tp lagu diorang not bad la...
Thanks to pu3 sbb dia yg mentioned about BONECA!!!

So guys...perhatikan mata mereka and oso their pose!!!


  1. erm..the eyes really look alive. the red eyes look so angry and fierce.. are dolls so expensive? better u buy other thing rather than a doll. how about a swatch watch. huhu.. =P

  2. OMG!!!It does look scary...xnak sumpah xnak..hahahahaha.baeklah beli set mekap baru...hehehe..target2..hahaha

  3. agak comel...
    but they really seem alive kan?
    mcm doll yg gothic gtu...
    i'd like to buy one but if only that i have so much maney smpai tatau nk beli ape dh...hi3~

  4. comel..tp menakutkan laa~ huhuhu~

  5. hanif: scary and fierce kan!! yeah swatch watch!! I like it and want it too!! =p

    witty angel:hahaha..mekap je lah ko!! ko dah natural beauty xyah mekap pun xpe =p

    she_pha:mmg and seem alive!!hehe beli2x jgn xbeli

    syira: aah takut sampai xlena tido kalau bela doll ni..

  6. hahaha...im one of blythe dolls collector...=) for me xmenakut pun....more over they are soooo cute!.....

    mcm hidup je rupe dorg bile posing2....

  7. hhhmmm..dira sukaaa sgt blythe doll..sekarang dah de 5 dah tau...mana ade seram..comey...klu nak jumpe dgn blythe dira, meh le jumpe hihihi

  8. oh ye..dira nak tau ape die boneca dan blythe yek? link yg munirah letak dah tak de ape2 untuk di tgk!


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