17 January 2008


feel better today...n hope tomorrow more better!!!!
tp cian Hanif.. dia pulak yg sick!!! he's asthma!!
get well soon cayunk!!! lama dah tak borak ngan u!!!
miss u so so so so muchhhhh ok!!!

argggggghhh...saat-saat tension sudah kembali!!!
diz time distributed assignment.. byk dowh!!
help!! still dunna how to read API!!!
tau la seskit..but need to understand more!!!
nanti kat lab sure blur!!!! hate blur!!!

PSM..chapter 1 done!!
but my supervisor ask to submit phase 1 and phase 2..
only student en.Sanusi je ok!!
actually rungsing la PSM ni...
hope will do better more than workshop project last sem!!
gambateeeeeeee MUNIRAH!!

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