05 November 2008

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James Bond.. Agent 007.. Everyone might know this character.. A trademark post for each James Bond’s movies which James Bond wearing black suit and with gun in hand.. and not to forget a hot chick as his ‘Bond’s Girl’.:lol1:

There are several famous actors that had the opportunity to become James Bond such as, Sean Connery , Roger Moore , Pierce Brosnan and etc..

The movies of this Agent 007 are such as Goldfinger(1964), Thunderball(1965), Moonraker(1979), Octopussy(1983), Tomorrow Never Dies(1997) starring Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, Die Another Day(2002) and etc.

Now, the latest James Bond actor is Daniel Craig. With his first appearance in James Bond’s movie, Casino Royale, he is now will appear in his latest 007’s movie, Quantum of Solace

This movie also introduce lovely Ukrainian actress, Olga Kurylenko as the Bond's Girl. The movie will be released at the nearest cinema in Malaysia in 6th November 2008. Come on guys, let watch another Bond’s action. Don’t miss the action of the fighting and shooting spree in the movie..

Support original, kill pirates..

Above are the details of the special screening by GoMobile and also collaborate with Nuffnang, the Asia’s first advertising community.:thumbsup:

Further information, go to http://www.gomobile.my/ or http://www.nuffnang.com.my/.

extra sources are from. GoMobile, Nuffnang, Wikipedia and www.007.com.

to agent Botak, make me one of the winners ye!!hiksss@doa

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  1. mgkn mg org xth..watak bond ning merupakan seorang agent british yang ade lesen membunuh..mybe lesen tu bleh gune je bunuh saper kut..hehe..watak bond sebenarnye agent british berambut hitam..aku x sure la naper bond skarang ning kaler kuning..dh tuka kaler rambut agaknye..

  2. dah tukar gaya rambut la tu.. dlu xde saloon msti la rmbut itam je.. skang ni saloon mcm2 kaler ada.. hehehe..

  3. muahhaa..kat sini dh keluar tapi aku x tengok2 lagi..haish..last weekkeluar..

  4. maybe 1 hari nanti, aku akan lakon kan watak bond ni....huh!

  5. errr...kite tak minat mat bond... sebab?? tah ek... ade style gatal2 gitu kot...ekekek


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