17 November 2008

GoMobile 08

suppose aku post benda ni dah lama da..
tp asik tertangguh je..
plus ada lak yg bertanya kan apa GoMobile ni??
actually GoMobile ni akan adakan expo Gaya Hidup Mobile..

21-23 Nov

what specials at this event?@fikir
byk wooooooooo..if korunk sedang mencari2x handphone..
time ni arr p terjah!!
before that forgot to mention..
actually kat sana ada GoMobile Clique booth..
ha ni nak explain..
jumpa booth ni you guys show them your GoMobile Clique Card
doesn't have the card??
simple je..just sign up at www.clique.gomobile.my

the card

as i said before at the event, they will be giving away phones and other gifts at random times to the guesses.. meaning.. if a siren sounds when you walk into the hall,dont panic!!!
special gift will be giving away...!!
sounds cool huh!!:thumbsup:

actually byk lagi..such as hip hop dance!!
the 1st prize for hip hop dance will get rm2000!!
luamayan sihhhhhhhhhh!!!!

interested?? need more information ?? click here
hehhe mana tau kut2x information aku salah ker kan!!
im human maaaaaaa...@jelir

picture from:Powder Pink

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  1. ak baru perasan benda nie kat newspaper petang tad.. bunYi cam best..


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