14 July 2008

Mini Cooper

n3 ni dedicated to Muhammad Hanif..
i know u love mini cooper so much than u love me rite..:cry1:
hah nengok la puas2x mini cooper ni erk..
(tp sorry la erk..jauh skit..n kurang kejelasan!!)
every monink i will saw 2 or 3 mini cooper odw to my office..:cool1:
:photo1:pic was taken dis morning odw to office..

:pompom:hope u like it!!:kiss:

kualiti pic aku dah makin huduh kan...uwawawa mau camera baru..nak duit!!!


1 comment:

  1. tq 4 de dedication.. mmg i minat that car.. but klau nk compare keta tu dgn u, i love u more.. u r everytg to me.. u kn pengarang jantung hati i..always love n miss u syg.. muakhhss.. =*


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