05 May 2009


last week kan umi punya birthday
so last week aku balik banting..
utk celebrate birthday umi..
xde lah celebrate happening pun..
biasa2x je..
umi pun rushing g marhaban..
so lepas maghrib cepat2x potong kek.

tapi xmengapa..walaupun sambut mcm ala2x kelam kabut skit..
yg penting umi happy..




very simple kan..
as i said before..
as long as umi HAPPY.. we also HAPPY

oh birthday present for umi lupa nak capture plak...
ala lagipun bagi present sblm potong kek..hhehhehe..

kerungsingan semalam masih lagi melanda.

Munirah Abd
Banting, Selangor


  1. i help to advertise your blog in my blogge ...hahah
    i have to thank , dilla, Will!aM and Munirah Abd who give me a lot of usefull information . Anyway , i m alr made my final dicission which i will give out the IPTA diploma course ...the reason is below
    1.i may not have chance to continue the degree course, as i m may not achieve that high CGPA.
    2.although i m like electric engineering , but my dream is becoming a teacher .

    u all may feel dissapoited with me , but i m not going to take that kind of risk .

    Q:wat is my next plan ?

    i will study form 6 , if i din get PPC(teacher programme), JPA ,and matric . thanks "

  2. Wahh~ sedapnyer cake..

    Happy Bday, Auntie~!
    Semoga Panjang Umur dan dipercepatkan dapat menantu.. Ngeee~

    Klu x Munnie..Angah naik dlu pon okay~ ;p


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