05 April 2008

Happy Birthday Chenta2x ku

Today ayah & angah birthday!!!
They share the same date of birth..
Selamat hari Lahir Ayah and Angah
=( sedih nya cannot pulang ke rumah..


you are wonderful, kind-hearted, intelligent man
we are so lucky to have a father as great as you are.
we want you to know how special and important you in our life.
You can make us laugh and make us think about things in different ways.
You are super responsible person but also approachable and lots of fun.
We Love you AYAH!!!


we faught
we played
we cried
we giggled
we hit
we hugged
we yelled
we whispered..
and somewhere along the way we became best friends

The A's Company

We love you soooooooooooo much!!

May Allah bless both of you..


  1. klakarla yg ko wt katon 2..
    nnt aku srh ayh bace k..

  2. happy birthday to Angah n 'Ayah'. Semoga sentiasa dirahmati dan direhdai Allah swt. dan semoga dipanjangkn umur serta dimurahkn rezeki.. ~aminn~..

  3. adik: hehe..ya ayah n angah wajib baca entry ni!!!

    hanif: thanks for da wish..

  4. Kakak: sgt terioma kasih..lawak gile...terharu angah..

    hanif: tq yer abg anip for the wish.. hihihi..


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