10 August 2008

Danze Jamm Part 3

after tele-match..
Makan time!! 1st meal aku amik nasi..
(lapar sgt sampai lupa amik pic nasi)

2nd meal Laksa!! Laksa sedap wooo.. nak tambah agi malu!!@malu
desert..dah separuh makan baru nak amik pic..sbb cake sodap den pun lupo!!

oiiiiiiiiiii 'Anita Sarawak' la nyah...hiksss@guling

the participants with Lynda Al-Qudree
(aku xdok dlm pic ni..so xyah la korunk carik..hikss:mockery:)

Yellow team ...Yeeeahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa
:hoooray:KBMC team showing their certs with Lynda
:respect:hello...i oso got the cert!!!

coming up soon kiter layan video lak yea!!! itu pun kalu aku dpt upload la..


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