10 August 2008

Danze Jamm Part 2

now layan gambar ye..
sorry la picture mmg xberapa jelas..
(klik pada gambar utk large pic ok!!!)

red team!!!
turqoise team
orange team..see aku..gila ayu!!!
ciss kontrol tol aku ni..geli aku nengok diri sendiri!!:vomit:
yellow team..which auntie,Dr.Norida and Auntie Niza punya team
green team
Auntie & Dr.Norida
auntie and i!!!
Dr.Norida with her daughter Sakinah
erk..auntie with her funny face!!!

the tele match!! my team lost la!!!

the kiddos..hiksss
for telematch dioran jadi last runner..no need buat apa2x just run!!)


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