26 June 2008

visit dentist

yesterday i got appointment wif my dentist..
early morning woke up..ishkk sgt kemalasan ok..
my dentist kat klang dats y kena bgn awal..
appointment lak awal pagi pukul 9am..

as ussual setiap kali jumpa need to change the rubber la..
huhuh diz time my rubber warna merah beb..menyala lagi tu..
ahaha so bila bercakap bersinar kemerahan la..
hahaha bukan bersinar merah coz of cili yg tersekat ok..

yeahhh sila lihat tools yg di gunakan utk treatment..
gunting, playar smua lengkap ok..huhuh

so my next appointment would be on 20th august..

p/s: picture ihsan mr google..


  1. erm..igtkn gmbar tu syg snap kt dentist tu.. rupanye ambik ktgoogles je.. huhuhu..
    hope u r getting comfortable with ur new red rubber.. n no more pain..

  2. hehehe..kan kena off hp kalau dlm clinic..
    still not comfort laaa...

  3. Visit your dentist twice a year (even when you think it is not necessary) to make sure your teeth are in good condition. Remember, your dentist can see much more than you.


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