21 July 2010

The Leo


yeay my birthday is just around the corner. thats mean i'm getting more younger!! yeahhh hahahha.. positive positive! Age doesn't matter. Yang penting hidup harus happy dan jujur! Oo yeah :D

Yes I'm Leo person!! Ngauuuummmmmm..

Lets see what my horoscope had to say about 'the lion'
  • Great talker?

hurm yes I think so. But but but only with certain people that I am comfortable with. If not silent is the best way for me. Okay!

  • Attractive and passionate

haha this one i am not very sure.  maybe :p

  • Knows how to have fun!

of course!!! My life is surrounding with happiness. And I am very grateful having the wonderful life. :D

  • Is really good at most everything

naaaa this one is 50-50. I am not perfect.

  • Great kisser?????

wooohoooo never try it before!! ok pumpkin. lets get married and try it if i am a good kisser or not!! hahahha yunky

  • Unpredictable.

Yes I am!!!! I will do what ever I want!!!!

  • Outgoing

hurmmm. again with certain people only. :D

  • Down to earth

this one also agree. If I dunno something that I am not sure, definitely will ask with someone who has better knowledge than me! I am not "KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG"

  • Addictive.Attractive.Loud

hahahhahaha.. people who are very close to me. Will know this one. winkkkkk ^_-

  • Loves being in long relationship

I love you honey pumpkin

  • Loves being apppreciate

Please tell me who doesnt need appreciation!! You are just lying to yourself!! ohh pleaseeeee blerkk

  • Talkative

again and again only with people I'm comfortable with. With new people that I just met, I will take time unless you know how to tackle me. But please be honest if you want to be friends with me!!

  • Not one to mess with

I will never mess with people around me, unless you're messing with me. If that happen, here you go, I will also keep messing :p

  • Rare to find! Good when found!!

yes I am rare!!

  • Forgiving but never forgets

Ouch! be careful people!! :p

  • Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things

ya ya ya :D

  • Judges people through observations

hahahha this one absolutely YES!!!

  • Hardworking

am i?? hurmmmm :D

so are you LEOnians . Gimme 5 la babe!! So watch out you. Dont play play with LEOnians :p


Munirah Abd


  1. let me be the judge.. hehe.. surely as her man she loves..

    * Great talker?
    agreed.. she only talks when she know the person.. silent is the best way for me. this is 100% true.. Okay!

    * Attractive and passionate
    accepted her as what she is used to.

    * Knows how to have fun!
    yes i'm sure she knows better..

    * Is really good at most everything
    nobody is perfect.. but she is good at sumting she like..

    * Great kisser?????
    need to be explored later...

    * Unpredictable.
    yes she is.. but i like the unpredictable her..

    * Outgoing
    not her kind actually

    * Down to earth
    as wut she has told.. that's her of coz..

    * Addictive.Attractive.Loud
    i know her so well.. hehehe..

    * Loves being in long relationship
    is 7 years enough to say?
    I love you too darling

    * Loves being apppreciate
    agreed with her statement..

    * Talkative
    naaaa.. i dont think so.. she talks but not talkative

    * Not one to mess with
    200% sure.. dont mess with her.. or definitely u'll suffer..

    * Rare to find! Good when found!!
    All human being are rare.. but she is unique to me.. i love her..

    * Forgiving but never forgets
    yes, once again, beware of this lovely lady!!

    * Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things
    say wut u need, silent when u have to..

    * Judges people through observations
    eyes are patrolling, ears are detecting and mine is interpreting

    * Hardworking
    yes she is..

  2. sometimes,
    all stars will become one,
    the sun will become moon,
    the dark will become bright
    except for one star...its capricorn.
    yup...it's me.


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