26 July 2010

Itazura Coin Bank


yeahh saya dah besar!! Big girl now!! Feeling for this age? Hurmm.. normal but I dont feel I'm old but feel much much muchhhhhhh younger!!! hahahaha :p Oh btw thank you for the wishes kawan2x. Thru mail,facebook,twitter,sms. I appreciate it a lot!!! Love you guys sooo much. This year birthday i celebrated with family members only. N on the midnite of my birthday (12.00am) my mom sms me wishes happy birthday eventhough her room is just next to my room. hahaha sweet mom. She thought I've slept already :p

lovely digital card from Hanif .. love you :D

By the way, I would like to share about this cool gadget. ITAZURA COIN BANK!!

Cute heh!! Haih if I have this everyday I will save my money :D . Dont know whether it is available in Malaysia or not but it's surely in Japanese market. :(

Munirah Abd

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