01 January 2011

How to bake Ice Cream Cake


Let me share with u how to bake Ice cream Cake. Ummi taught me how to bake and now its time for me to share with you guys :D

  • The ingredients are so simple just like the picture below. hahaha no need explanation I think, because you already know what it is right? (this time ummi used swiss role cake. you also can used sponge cake it's up to you guys)

  • Cut your swiss roll cake slice by slice. Oh, make sure to cover up the brass with the cling wrap

  • and yes you have to put  the slices of cake into the brass

  • tadaa end up like the picture below :D

  • here you go scoop the ice cream and put it into the brass

  • make sure to flat the ice cream nicely in the brass

  • sprinkle the oreo biscuit on top of the ice cream

  • then wrap your brass

  • then wait until about 4 hours (in our case we baked it night so we take it out from the freezer on the next morning)

  • and then, in the morning (or after 4 hours) cover up the side of the cake with the topping

  • DONE. your ice cream cake is almost ready!! but you have to wait until you can eat it because the topping is still melting. Store it again into the freezer and wait until the cake is ready to be eaten :D

  • yummmmyy it's time to eat!!!

  • and after you cut it into slice, you can see the texture of the ice cream. look so yummmeeeyyy

ok guys good luck :D

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