23 June 2009

H1N1 Theme Song

makin membiak2x pulak virus ni ke Malaysia
haihhh sila la jaga kesihatan selepas ini yee..
dah nak kena beli mask skang ni...
pakai mcm mask zorro nnti..

actually i found out this vid from youtube..
a funny theme song for H1N1..

below is the original song by wonder girl..
aku penah letak kan vid ni dulu..lagu yg sgt cute..
bila di ubah suai lagu ni jadi theme song of H1N1 pun cute jugak kannn..heheh

hope you guys enjoy the two song!!!

to those yg masih confuse apa itu H1N1?
just click >>here<<

with ♥ ;


  1. salam...

    hehe..mmg sesuai sgt2 lagi nie..hahaha

  2. fazrin2211: aku tau ni mmg febret ko

    Yanmie:sesuai kannnnnnnnnn..hehe


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