02 March 2008


Yippie..super happy midterm done!!!
but still super bengang!! coz da last paper im so blur ok!!
dunno la maybe coz dah xminat then kena force blaja subject tu!!
eeeeeeeeeeee...sengalnya!! eeeeee........WTF !!
camna ni..last sem ni!! huarggh!!! y must compulsory subject tu!!
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........... :(

now need to concentrate back to my final project n the others project!!
ni lagi satu sengal!! eish..y huh last sem semua sengal!!

need mental theraphy la!!!
bank-rap already!!!

xpe next sem try masuk lagi tournament ok!! ngeh2x


  1. Sabar2 syg, dont use the 'F' word.. xelok.. huhu.. erm..at least midterm dah abis.. tawakkal je utk rsult nnt. utk final stil ada msa utk study.. i pn ada gk subjek yg agk mnyakitkn hati.. but as students, dah jd tgjwb utk kta trus blaja 4 our own future.. syg bnyk2 istighfar k..
    erm..bout ur project..all the best k.. buat la dgn bsgguh2.. stil ada msa lg.. jgn tburu2 sgt, nnt len buat len plak jd nye.. caiyok2 k.. i'll support u always.. mmuakhhssss.. :-*

    p/s : if ada game lg insyaallah b akn msuk lg.. mybe this month ada lg satu tournament kt UNiSEL, but xsure lg.. if ada, b akn msuk.. huhu..

  2. wooot
    akak ..
    xder update ker psl ehem2x tuh ? :P


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