31 March 2008

HIM Again

To: Hanif

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for your final exam!!

From: Munirah Abd


  1. TQ syg.. i'll try my best to score this sem.. huhu.. but, bnyk liku2 yg perlu dtmpuh.. mula2 pn dah ada.. paper HRM, yg smemangnye dibenci rmai.. huhu.. hope i can do it tonite.. huhu..

  2. its ok!! do ur best ok!! i know u can do it!! hehehe..HRM!! ngeeee.. I xphm y ramai org suka keje management!! mcm sakit kepala je..

  3. erm..pning gk la.. but dah abis td.. so far ok la, b jwb je apa yg b phm. kikikik.. erm..isnin next week plak next paper.. huhu.. bleh rest skjap..


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