22 March 2008

Happy Moments

happy moments!!!
hahah didn't read the rules carefully
I thought only submit the url blog
=) but need to submit the happy moments post!!
so the morale of the story..
Read the rules carefully before entered any competition!!
Hahaha its all about RM 5K!!

of cause la it will be my happy moments if I get that money!!
Nobody will not happy if suddenly received RM5K!!
Mental problem la if not happy!!

My Happy moments!!!

When back to Banting and have complete family
Surprise from my shayang Hanif
Hang out with my friends especially my BFF
I have my quality sleep!!
Shopping!! Shopping!! Shopping!!
My System is ON!! Yes it will my valuable HAPPY MOMENTS!!!

Have vacation with my family
[but now no more vacation since opah with us!! =( ]

the memories having fun vacation with family still in my mind!!
Hope one day will have private vacation family!!!
Really Hope!!!

Remembered all the happy moment make me feel sooooo good!!
So guys vote me for Happy Moments!!

Blur with PSM..godek2x nuffnang & I read bout Happy contest
So just a try enter the happy moments contest!!
If my luck and I win I ' belanja' you all la!!!

click here for voting me!! [here]
rank 5=5 star
rank 1=1 star
so choose rank 5 ok!!!

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