17 March 2008

MyMiniLife:Part 4

Ari tu promised with Muhammad Hanif design MyMiniLife for him!! Here your tuition centre!! Hope you like it and your dream may come true to open it in da' future lover!! =p

Diz week balik banting again!!!!
Appointment with Dr.Ras on Wednesday!!
Cant wait!! Hehehe =)
Plus cant wait to meet da pumpkin Muhammad Hanif

*dunno y can't appear da image house.. minilife have problem kut =(

1 comment:

  1. erm..tq syg.. but hopefully dpt tgk design tu nnt. i pn xsbar nk jmpa my sweet apple pie.. huhu.. my intan permata, i miss u so much.. muakhhsss.. =*


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