06 February 2012

I am soooo wondering..?? Huh

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

I am sooooooooooo wondering how people can wear stiletto without FEAR!!

I already bought a stiletto untuk praktis pakai for my BIG DAY!! Butttttttttttttttttt.......

Sgt susah ok susah!! T______________T

So saya jeles to see woman yang berjalan pakai stiletto tanpa "gayat" or dalam erti kata lain xkekok!!

Jalan smooth macam model elok je without terPELEOT.. :p

Yes I bought from Kiss and Tell

 Tinggi woooooooooooo.. T_T

 See.. tinggi kan.. camna mahu jalannnn.. camna?? tell me and show me bebeh

A reason why beli this stiletto.. 

  1. Untuk praktis for big day kononnya.. (rasanya will not wearin g this kind of shoes.. )
  2. For photoshoot with bff (tapi bukan pakai sangat pun :( )

So I think I wanna let go this shoes! Huhuh buat apa simpan kalau x pakai. Any one wanna this shoes with a reasonable price. :D

love; ♥Munirah Abd♥

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