13 February 2012

Ya ya I'm doing kinda DIY thingy :p

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

Oh well... well well.. hahaha its kinda weird I'm doing craft all by myself.. 
Because I'm not " creative person" .. 
Errr.. I'm just try and error doing this things.. just like programming :D

Papers.. Colourful papers ..Yummehhhhhh

The tools for DIY thingy ..actually I need some other tools too.. :D

 This is my veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy 1st attempt.. kinda creepy huh.. o_O

 Naaaaaaa... my 2nd attempt.. woohhhoooooo it turns GREAT for me as the BEGINNER :D

 3rd attempt.. errrrrrr.. it is butterfly?? isn't it?

I love my new "toys" hahaha its make my DIY thingy going smooth and better :D wooohhoooo

Do you have any idea what is DIY thingy I'm working on it? Lalalalala... :p

 love; ♥Munirah Abd♥


  1. waaa.. makin rramai giler quilling skrg ni...

    1. heheh mmg dah lama berniat nak buat quiling ni.. either buat sendiri or tempah je.. but ive decided buat sendiri.. macam fun!! :D

  2. kak mun,sheila ada gak idea nk wt quiling ni..tp nnt dah siap suma..

  3. Those are soooo sweet :) You are so creative :)


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