13 March 2012

My first time join GIVEAWAY!!!!

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

Fussooooo.. this is my first time ever join giveaway ni.. plus I suka giveaway kali ni.. sbb boleh dapat Quiling Set.. woooohoooooooooo..

The set of quilling supplies are:
  • 1 slotted quilling tool
  • 1 quilling comb
  • 1 bottle of white glue
  • 1 mini circle template
  • 5 packs of multicoloured shredded quilling paper
  • 7 A6 size metallic cards (white, gold, bronze, red, blue, purple and dark grey)

Actually I baru berjinak jinak dengan quilling ni.. My 1st ever quilling adalah ini.... taraaaaaaaa

ya ya ya I know huduh.. :(

BTW....wish me luck on my 1st trial guys.. hehehhe 

Eh you guys who interested in quilling also can participate the giveaway..
meh sama sama meh. "D visit here for more informations

♥Munirah Abd♥


  1. Good luck Mun!! Akak doakan Mun berjaya, mesti banyak projek baru dia nak buat kalau menang ni :) hehehe


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