17 May 2011

OMG!! They are mating!! :D

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

Yes my hammies are mating!! I'm the one happy "sister" when look at their mating process. hahahha 
Mana tak happy nya weii.. zaman dulu2x ada bela hamster at my parents house. Tapi kami xpernah sesekali tgk hamsters yang dulu mating. Maybe dulu xpandai sgt nak bela kut. (nak kata skang dah pandai bela la tu. :p hahah i'm still learning on their habitat)

So really hope process mating diorang tu "melekat" hahaha I really wanna have a hamster babies so desperately hikss. Mana tau leh buat business jual hamster lak pasni. :p 

Oh for your information my hamsters adalah dari baka SYRIAN. (itupun lately rasa eager sgt nak tau pasal hamster. Bela je lebih tapi xnak tau habitat diorang baik xyah belakan :D)  So syrian ni jenis xberapa nak gigit sgt. Kalau gigit pun sbb dia rasa diri terancam sbb tu dia gigit. ala gigit semut api je. :p

BTW, I took a video of my hamster mating. But sorry I cant show it off here. Sbb macam kurang sesuai nak show off kepada tuntutan umum. So if you guys nak tau proses mating hamster baka syrian boleh pergi ke youtube sana then search Syrian Hamster Mating ada je orang upload. And my hamster vids adalah utk simpanan peribadi. hehehhe 

maybe or maybe not becoming a mother. (really hope it is!!)

the man!!


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